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Help your pal heal with the Dog Knee Brace Hind Leg Hock. Modeled after human splints, it provides stability for doggy and kitty back legs and paws, with complete support for the foot and toes thanks to its unique design that extends under the paw. It helps stabilize joints for pets with arthritis or injuries, and helps promote healing during physical therapy or while recovering from fractures, sprains, and surgeries. This splint also helps prevent knuckling, or the inability to place paws on the ground, which can occur in pets with neurological conditions or nerve damage. Both sturdy and lightweight, it features a cushioned inner lining to make it ultra-wearable, and is waterproof and easy-to-clean to support wound care. Putting it on your pal is easy―place his paw in the splint with his nails at the edge, and then buckle in place using velcro straps. Plus, it’s available in two sizes to accommodate small, medium dogs.


Key Benefits

  • Main Function - Health care: stabilize and repair postoperative ones and remission of arthritis. Keep warm and protect knees from sickness which is caused by cold. Movement control: effectively stabilize the knee cap to ensure not hurt easily.
  • Suitable for pets who have arthritis, instability knees or slight injury in knee.
  • Velcro closure - The adjustable & durable velcro is easy for wearing and taking off.
  • Self Warming - Polyester Inner layer keep pet warm.
  • Package included: A pair of dog rear legs knee braces (Left leg & Right leg)
  • Note: Not suitable for x-large pets & aggressive pets.

Size Information


Measurement can fluctuate up to 3cm and run small.



SKU: ARJ0002