PAWZ Road with Love Kindness Realistic and Innovation

About the 68" King Size Cat Tree

Recommend for Multiple Cats of all different size
PAWZ Road 68”Cat Tree is an complex activity center that satisfy your feline friend’s act ivies they love to do from jumping scratching to relaxing. 9 scratching posts covered with natural sisal help keep them away from furniture and help them develop an good habits of scratching. Multi tiers and stairs encourage them to stretching their body and aid them from one level to next. Two cubbies covered with soft plush material not just keep them warm but also provide them a quiet place for them to sleep and snooze. While the top hammock provide more choice for their snoozing and provide a great place for them to enjoy the daylight and view outside the window.

Key Pros

►For Safety:Strengthened bottom base, sturdy pillars
►For Privacy:2 Spacious Cubbies
►For Exercise:9 scratching post and multilevel platform
►For Snuggling:Plush top hammock
►For Extra Fun:A dangling ball and a spring ball.


Overall Size:68"
Small Room Size:12.2X12.2X11.8
Large Room Size:19.3"X11.8"X11.8
Top Platform Size:11.8"11.8"
Bottom Size"19.3"X19.3"
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