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Two points please keep in mind when you use the pet fountain.

  1. There is a small pump at the bottom of the fountain-water container. For easy cleaning, a movable suction cup setting of the pump is adopted. When you use it, please make sure that the bottom of the white drinking tray targets the water pump slot before connecting the fountain power cable, so as to keep the water flowing.
  2. The automatic sensing distance of fountains within 30 cm and the pyroelectric infrared sensing device in the pet fountain are only sensitive to living and moving dogs and cats. For example, when your cat is close to the water fountain but doesn't move, no water flow is normal.

Besides, this cat toy is a magnetoelectric product, which can only be shipped by standard shipment. 



PAWZ Road has deeply realized the great benefits of automatic pet fountain. And we ultimately developed the fountain for pet parents. Pet fountain has two water flow settings. Customizable flow setting is designed for different types of pet drinking behaviors. 360-degree drinking surface of the fountain is ideal for multiple pets households. PAWZ Road automatic pet fountain has integrated power-up by USB and lithium battery together. Anti-splashy spring water flowing effectively prevents water from splashing.


Key Benefits

  • 3L water capacity keeps pet hydrated any time.
  • Extra-quiet operating motor won’t disturb you and your pet.
  • Three-layer filtration system and built-in water recirculation system to ensure a safer, cleaner, and fresher water.
  • Integrated power-up by USB and lithium battery together. 
  • The fountain is portable and lightweight, won’t take up too much space, and is perfect for traveling outsides.
  • 5-volt low voltage system won’t significantly affect monthly power bill.


Size Information

dog cat fountain

Measurement can fluctuate up to 3cm  and run small.


How to operate?

pawzroad dog cat fountain installation instruction

STEP 1: Take out the automatic pet fountain, check its accessories, then fill in the fountain tank with the right amount of water (Do not exceed the maximum capacity);
STEP 2: Connect the USB power cable, the function indicator light on the top of the pet fountain will flash with three colors of red, yellow and blue. Do not press the power button at present. (Due to the water drinker is not ready for the operation now);
STEP 3: After around 60 seconds, the fountain function indicator light will turn green and flash, it’s time to start working.
STEP 4: Press the fountain power button, the function indicator light will turn into green light  (No flash). It’s the 1st mode that the spring water will continue to flow.
STEP 5: Press power button again, you will see the function indicator light turn into blue light (No flash too). It’s the 2nd mode of pet fountain with automatically senses to water flow. When pets are close to the water fountain (less than or equal to 30 cm), pet fountain will automatically flow water.
STEP 6: Press the power button again, you will turn off the fountain and enter standby mode.



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