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    EXCLUSIVE LUXURY DOMICILE: If you own a cat you certainly can understand how much entertainment it needs. Furnished with an extra-large plush perch, 2 spacious hideaway condos and a deep cozy hammock, this cat tree is a luxurious and dreamy domicile for every house tiger. It’s large enough for your big cat or more than one cats, and fun enough for your little kitty.
    STURDY LIKE A ROCK: Stability is one of the main features that will determine how satisfied both you and your cat are with the chosen tower. Nobody likes to make their adorable friends feel insecure when interacting with a cat tree. Constructed by CARB-certified particle boards and reinforced base plate at the bottom to ensure overall stability, our cat tree will not wobble or topple over while your cat plays on it.
    ROOMY AND ENJOYABLE: Several layers layout is convenient for your cats to climb up and down. The large top perch with thick padding at the bottom and raised edging for your fur babies to sit on and look out the window, 2 big houses covered with soft plush provide plenty of lounging room for your kitties to sleep, a cozy hammock allow your cats to enjoy a sun bath when snoozing while the interactive fluffy ball to enrich their playtime.
    THICKENED SCRATCH POSTS: Scratching is always feline’s favorite. Therefore, 5 thickened scratching posts, even thicker (Dia.: XXX in) than before, on this cat tree are fully wrapped with 100% natural sisal rope to allow nail scratching and promote their daily exercise. This cat tree will release your cat’s instinct nature as well as prevent cats from clawing up your furniture.
    NICE LOOKING AND EASY TO ASSEMBLE: 2 colors-beige and gray for you to select. Its attractive look will compliment any room in your house like a piece of nice pet furniture rather than a jungle gym. Super easy to assemble with enclosed detailed instructions and all necessary tools. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem with the cat tree. 42 Inches