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Eliminate the need for scooping, and make cleaning up after your cat quick and easy with the PAWZ Road Cat Pan Liners No More Scooping. Made from polypropylene plastic, the durable mesh filters the unused litter during cleaning for hassle-free cleanup. Everything about your feline friend makes you purr with delight- except cleaning the litter box. Take the hassle and mess out of cleaning up after your kitty with the litter liner. Place the unique mesh liners in your cat’s pan before adding the litter. Then, simply lift the liner to clean the box while the durable mesh filters the clean litter, eliminating the need for scooping and helping to prolong the life of your kitty litter.


Key Benefits

  • For use with large or X-large litter pans (pan not included)
  • Helps make cleaning your cat’s litter box fast and easy by sifting and tossing.
  • Unique mesh filters clean litter to help extend the life of your litter.
  • Eliminates the need for scooping.
  • Mesh crafted from polypropylene plastic for durable use.



Size Information

  • 15‘’ L x 10‘’ W x 5'' H

Measurement can fluctuate up to 3CM and run small.


How to use it?

  1. Place solid pan liner in cat litter pan.
  2. Select the number of liners you wish to use between litter pan changes.
  3. Pour desired amount of litter into pan (litter not included).
  4. Ensure mesh is completed covered.
  5. Lift, sift and toss to remove waste.
  6. Includes 10 Mesh Litter Liner and 2 Solid Bottom Liners.



SKU: ARP0026