PAWZ Road Collapsible Tunnel 2 Holes Cat Toys

$22.99 USD
  • Short Plush Material: softer and more comfortable than other tunnels in the market.
  • Great Ventilation: two vents on the top so that cats can freely get in and out of the tunnel.
  • Meanwhile they can have better interaction with you and the environment.
  • Linking Buttons : you can connect two or more tunnels together to form a long and fun one.
  • Foldable Design : it can be folded to save space at your home.
  • Bigger Diameter:This tunnel is no only ideal for big weighted cats but also for cats that may be tall or long.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jennifer Noseworthy
It's a great product

Well made and attractive. My cat isn't a huge fan, but he'll sleep in it once in a while. Can't dock stars because HE doesn't appreciate it.

Graham D Brizendine

Our boy is 18 ish pounds and his sister only half that. Previous tunnel was only good for the girl as it is standard size. Now they can play together in this jumbo tunnel. They love it!

Karen Lagro
Cats love it!

My 2 cats love to play in a tunnel. This is very well made and just the right size. The larger openings make it very nice, especially for my male cat.

Norma Cross

This seems to be a good quality product. I decided on this one because I have slippery floors and hope this fabric will not slide too much.
My cat has not been as enthusiastic as I am, but sometimes cats take a while to decide!

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