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Are you hesitant to buy the luxury cat scratching trees? If you are a good handmade master, and crazy about diy a lot of things. This PAWZ Road Nature Hemp Rope DIY Cat Tree is perfect for you! You can make a diy cat tree for your lovely pet by yourself, no matter a cat tree or cat scratching post, all you can do it! You can wrap the rope around the table legs, chair legs, water pipe, ladders, etc. Just open your imagination!  With this 100% Natural sword hemp rope, not only you can renew your worn cat tree ropes conveniently, but also protect your costly furnature from scratching by your cats. We guarantee that your cat will love it, and can't stop scratching it to file nails and have fun!


Key Benefits

  • Material: 100% Natural sword hemp rope, durable, doen't hurt cat's paws and skin!
  • Save more cost: Much more favourable price  than purchasing a cat tree.
  • Custom making cat tree for your lovely pet by yourself. Just open your imagination!
  • Practical spares: you can renew your worn cat tree ropes conveniently.
  • Protect your costly furnature from scratching by cats.
  • Your cat will love it, and can't stop scratching it to file nails and have fun!



  • Required length of hemp rope = Number of circle x Single circle perimeter. (= Column height/ Rope diameter x Column diameter x 3.14)
  • Because oil and water are used in the production of sword hemp rope, there will be a little oil smell after receiving it. Please put it in a ventilated place to volatilize the odor.
  • 100% Natural sword hemp rope is woven from plant fibers because plant fibers cannot be extended indefinitely. Therefore, there may be a amall joint between one rope and another rope that cannot be avoided.
  • The hemp rope is rough, so can not ensure that the whole rope diameter is same absolutely from the beginning to the end, please allow a slight error. These phenomena are not quality problems.


Size Information

  • Length: 10m
  • Diameter: 4mm, 6mm, 8mm  (in available)


Measurement can fluctuate up to 3CM and run small.


SKU: AJQ0009BG10