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22" Cat Tower-Small Cat' and Kitten’s Compact Activity Center

For kittens and small cats up to 8bls to enjoy

The cat tree has everything your little feline friends needs to play, scratch and sleep in one compact activity center that they can claim as their own.

Key Pros

For Healthy: Covered with natural sisal, that satisfy their natural urge to scratch and develop a good scratching habits during development.

►For Privacy: The condo covered with soft plush for maximum comfort while the enclosed design create a sense of security for a better sleep

►For Exercise: The scratching pad not only provide enough scratching area but works as ladder to help kitties to get to the its condos, and your furry baby could stretch its body with its help.

►For Fun: The fuzzy spring ball standing by side. it keeps bouncing back and forth with bit bring endless fun

Specification Small Cat Tower



Material: Premium Plush and MDF Board

Safety Instruction

Place your cat tree indoors, away from damp areas.

This cat tree is intended for cat use only. Please keep children away.

Cat trees should be placed against wall corner, parallel to the ground for stability.