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    1. Capacity: 250 ml, suitable for cats, puppy and small dogs.
    2. Material safety: high-quality resin materials, safe non-toxic.
    3. Unique design:
    4. Tilt design, protection of the cervical spine: the overall tilt, the bottom of the arc design, so that food concentrated in the bottom of the center, while the slant position more convenient pet oblique feeding, to ensure the convenience of pet eating and cervical protection.
    5. Easy to overthrow: the bottom of the increase in the black rubber anti-slip ring, easy to fall off to prevent the dog to promote the bowl move, will not affect the food.
    6. Pet nose will be the food from the top, the food will not be scattered on both sides to facilitate the pet food, baby eat up effortlessly, eat more clean.


    SKU: ARY0122

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