PAWZ Road Cactus Scractching Cat Toy House

$43.99 USD $86.00 USD

Due to the stool design, this cat tree has a very special appearance. When the green semi-circular side of the scratching board is facing up, the cat tree looks like a cactus, which is very cute in appearance; if you turn this scratching board upside down, the green and semicircular scratching board of this scratcher can get into the cylinder perfectly. At this time, the shape of this cat tree is like a stool.


• Stool design with adjustable green semi-circular scraper
• The tool scraper is easy to install and takes up little space.
• Scraper with durable sisal rope

• Medium: 36.00cm*36.00cm*42.00cm
• Medium weight: 4.3kg
• Large size: 43.00cm*43.00cm*47.00cm
• Large weight: 6.2kg


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