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    This natural silvervine matatabi is a new and exciting product for your cat!
    It can be used to clean your cats teeth, Silvervine has long been known through parts of Asia to elicit euphoric responses in cats - it even appearrs in manga as 'Matatabi'. It's leaves and stems can be ground to a find powder or used in their entirety. The reaction to Matatabi is similar to the catnip response - but can appear to be more intense and a typical response can possibly be drooling, licking, chewing, rolling, rubbing and general play. The effect usually lasts between 5 and 30 minutes after they have finished with the treat.
    1. Length: 11.5 - 12 cm.
    2. Promotes cat's dental health.
    3. Natural treat made from the actinidia polygama plant.
    4. Aids in the prevention of diabetes.
    5. It can help stabilize blood pressure.

    Measuring is important in order to pick the right size.
    Please measure the size you need before buying.

    PAWZ Road

    Tips: Measurement can fluctuate up to 0.5'' and run small.


    SKU: ASJ0001

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