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This cat tunnel with 2 Windows is the ultimate all-in-one activity center. It’s a great hiding spot for kitties on the hunt that are ready to pounce on two pompon balls at both ends. At almost four feet long, this play tunnel is ideal for pet parents with multi-cat households. Cats love running and chasing each other through the tunnel and peeking out of the two lookout windows at each end. To add to the fun, there’s a toy ball that hangs down from the top of the tunnel for cats to bat around. When it’s time for a nap, kitties can curl up and use the tunnel as their own quiet retreat. Internal design with steel wire, stretch a piece of steel wire spiral arrangement, all hold up the tunnel, it is not easy to collapse. It’s covered in a soft suede fabric in a beige that will complement any room’s décor. The lightweight, spring-loaded frame makes it easy to fold flat and stow away when playtime’s over.


Key Benefits

  • Tunnel with 2 windows and hanged on 3 pompon balls at both ends.
  • Perfect for cats running, chasing and hiding in the tunnel.
  • Internal design with steel wire can hold up firmly.
  • Collapsible: easily folded up and only take up a little space to store when not in use.
  • This cat tunnel is suitable for all breeds of cat.

    Size information

    cat tunnel

    Measurement can fluctuate up to 3CM and run small.



      SKU: WJ0049