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Super Luxury Playhouse: This multi-layer cat tree is specially designed for those families who have more than one cat. Fully covered with skin-friendly plush, 2 spacious hideaway houses offer super soft and warm napping experience while the edge-raised round bed and the deep hammock are the best lounging spots.

Height-Adjustable Design: Cats like high places, this tall cat tree is completely in line with cat preferences. The height of this oversized floor-to-ceiling cat tower is 230cm to 270cm (about 96-106 Inches). The built-in spring can be freely stretched and can be well supported with the top, so there is no need to worry about collapse.

Sturdy Like Its Name: High density and reinforced base plate, this cat tree is superior durability and as stable as its name. All those soft plush and durable sisal rope coiled posts offering strong support for your cats to climb up and down. Besides, floor-to ceiling design 100% avoids wobbling or tipping over, double ensures its overall stability. Cats can easily and safely leap on or off this cat tree.

HEALTHY & NATURAL LIFTSYLE: An extra-large scratching ladder and several scratching posts covered with 100% natural sisal ropes are perfect for your cats to sharpen their nails and help to develop a positive scratching habit. They will love such kind of feeling-just like scratching on a tree bark.

ESAY TO ASSEMBLE & 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Equipped with detailed instructions and all required accessories and tools, this tall cat tree can be easily and quickly assembled. PAWZ Road provides you with professional customer service both before and after your purchase. Feel free to contact us if you have any problem with the cat tree.

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