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    1. This blanket double-sided made of a soft Shu Velveteen fabric,it is perfect for sleeping, lounging, and snuggling in cold weather.Instead of letting your pet mess your indoor or car's seats,this blanket will help you to trap fur and urine and better your experience.
    2. Perfect use on indoors,outdoor,beds,pet bed,inside your car,travel,sofa.
    3. Durable pet blanket helps keep pet hair off furniture and upholstery,protect their bed from chewing.
    4. If you are a dog owner and conscious about your pet's well-being,having a dog blanket is mandatory.Do not compromise your dog's safety and comfort with one of the traditional bed sheets available in stores.
    5. Featuring a extra small and small size luxurious design,it is stylish and fun to sleep on.Workmanship is exquisite;While the ultra-plush velvet used to make it does not pull fur nor irritate dogs.On the road or indoor,therefore,your dog will have a memorable time in chilly weather.

    Please measure the size you need before buying.
    Measuring is important in order to pick the right size.

    Tips: If you do not know the size of your pets, please do an accurate measurement to make sure that the size fit your pets. Measurement can fluctuate up to 0.5'' and run small.


    SKU: AWD0001

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