PAWZ Road Wooden Large Hammock Sisal Post Cat Tree

$145.00 USD $165.00 USD

Modern, stylish, comfy, and functional, PAWZ Road Wooden Large Hammock Sisal Post Cat Tree will appeal to both owners and cats! Treat your cats to natural scratching surfaces and posts, cuddly cushions, and a cozy cubed den for a well-deserved rest. The den has two entrances so your cat will not feel cornered. Cushions are filled with memory foam so it molds exactly to the body shape of your cat, providing it with extra comfort.

Features and Benefits

• Multi-level exploration
• Use jute-covered poles to lure cats away from furniture
• Stable and robust design
• Comes with cushions and pendants
• Suitable for small to large cats
• Simple and modern design
• Easy to assemble, includes all required parts and instructions


• 132.00 cm high,52.00x44.00 cm base


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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Grace Brock
Nice tree

The cat tree came looking exactly like the pic, was extremely easy to build, and my kitten loves it. 10/10

David Leone

My goal was to find a sturdy, multi-level cat tree where the top level is supported at two points. There aren't many, so options are limited. This one is sturdy. I have had some large cats and have had to place supports for the top level. This cat tree will not need that. I like the idea that much of it is put together with cam locks. It has a more modern look, and while it is large with multiple levels, it is not overly big, and it does not have a huge footprint. My only concern is the gray material that wraps the first and second level. I seems thin, and I wonder what cat claws will do to the material after some use.

Heather Rieber

This cat tree is amazing. I love that its sturdy, with no carpet so that fibers dont fall off and make a mess. My three kittens have a ball playing on all levels, especially running and jumping into the hammock at the bottom. Then when they are tired they all sleep in the top together. They also love scratching it. Am going to buy another for my sons cat. My mom also has this same one for her cats. I have nothing bad to say about this.


This kitty condo is AWESOME!! Ive been searching for a modern (non-tacky) kitty condo for months. Theyre all so expensive except for the tacky carpet/fleece ones. But this one is perfect! It was easy to assemble because the parts came with little stickers on them to keep them clearly labeled (which made the instructions easy to follow). My kitty loves it! Shes a smaller cat (about 8lbs) and it fits her perfectly. Doesnt wobble at all. I have a puppy at home so I chose not to hang the hammock (but it was included and Ill add it later). Highly recommend this kitty condo!


I've had my kittens for 3 weeks now and they absolutely love playing on their tower. The hammock at the bottom is a super fun addition for them to play on. The top level is their favorite sleep spot.

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