PAWZ Road Wooden Multi-level Cat Tower Curious Hole

$112.00 USD

PAWZ Road Wooden Multi-level Cat Tower Curious Hole is a better choice for curious cats! It saves you space, gives your cat a playground of its own, and perhaps most importantly is easy to set up. Made of durable wood material, the Cat Climber comes in five levels for play (plus a scratching post to satisfy your cat's scratching instinct), the Cat Climber uses a spring-loaded bracket system to mount to the back of most doors, so You can even move it door to door if you wish. It's also a great replacement for bulky cat trees and scratching posts.

• Made of sturdy wood material for durability.
• Scratching texture to meet the scratching needs of cats.
• Comes with a pendant
• Save space and give your cat a fun place to climb, nap and investigate.
• Great alternative to large freestanding cat trees and scratching posts.
• Requires assembly.


• 125.50 cm high, 54.20x54.20 cm base



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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Lucette George
Modern cat tree

I love the look of this cat tree so modern and my cat loves it too. He loves the smooth velvety fabric and the top cradle. I am disappointed that after only a couple of months time with one 6 lbs. cat it’s quite wobbly. I’m not sure how I will be able to stabilize it.

Lucette George
Beautiful cat tree.

This item is spectacular. It's well made and my cat loves it.

Holly Nipperus
Really great!

Awesome, well-made, strong, and actually kind of cute cat tower. Not hard to put together, just takes a little time, but not too bad. Now i just have to get my new cat to use it….she’s a weirdo!


We foster cats and so wanted a cat tree that would
1 look good on camera
2 easily disassemble and store
3 be easy to clean between fosters
4 suit to all sorts of cats

The good news is that it delivers on 1 & 2. The cat tree looks really nice and I've gotten several compliments on zoom calls. It was super easy to put up, take down, and none of the pieces are large or boxy and so it all fits under the bed.

The tree is easier to clean than others I've had, the wood, fabric, and rope are all high quality. However only the pads are removable and all the places the cats actually lie down are stapled on and so can only be spot cleaned. Worried after two accidents up there that this won't last. The tree is a little wobbly when being moved but doesn't seem to affect the cats.

The tree's rope area is really great. The cats clamber up the whole length of the tree and love to lounge at the top. the rest of the tree is a little harder to navigate. The kittens seem to have trouble navigating the levels (they're all stacked vertically) and the bare wood is a little slippery. That said, they enjoy the lowest and highest levels and the hole in the middle works great for a food dish to mix it up.

Overall, pretty pleased with the tree but worry about its longevity considering the price.


Im getting another kitten soon so I decided to buy this tree to complement the one I already have. It works beautifully. Kitten has used every level but has not slept on the top level. Look forward to seeing my two kittens using it.

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