How Do Cats Lose Weight? | PAWZ Road

How Do Cats Lose Weight?

Like humans, obesity in cats is a common problem. Unfortunately, the prevalence of feline obesity seems to be getting worse, but it has never impro...

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Kittens Dental Care | PAWZ Road

Kittens Dental Care

01. Kitten's teeth and teethingCats, like humans, have two sets of teeth in their lives. Their kitten teeth are also called primary teeth, deciduou...

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Is CBD Healthy for Your Cat? | PAWZ Road

Is CBD Healthy for Your Cat?

CBD has gotten immensely popular in the past few years. The therapeutic benefits of CBD have been able to help millions of people without any over-...

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Can Cats Taste Sweetness? | PAWZ Road

Can Cats Taste Sweetness?

The cute little tongue is also one of the cute spots on cats. Although you may rarely see cats sticking their tongues out, the expression of tongue...

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