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What Will Cats Bring To You During Your Pregnancy?

What Will Cats Bring To You During Your Pregnancy? | PAWZ Road

1. We know that cats have keen sense of smell, sight and hearing. They are very sensitive to everything happening around them, which is the basis for their survival. So, are they equally sensitive to the owner's pregnancy? I will analyze and discuss some changes in women during pregnancy to solve the mystery.

During pregnancy, you will have changes in hormone levels, body odor, mood, behavior and body, so how can our cat not feel it? You know, cats are best at "routine", repeating a process every day to spend their time. Cats can definitely catch changes, but what is even more touching is the feedback that cats give you after these changes have occurred.

2. After pregnancy, in order to allow the normal development of the fetus in the abdomen, your body's hormones will undergo a series of changes.

hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a hormone that increases rapidly after conception. In the first ten weeks, its level can even reach a growth rate that doubles in two days. The role of hCG is to maintain a certain level of estrogen and progesterone, and the latter two are the fundamental to ensure the healthy development of embryos.

Cats cannot measure or sniff out changes in your hormone levels, but these changes in hormones will bring about changes in your body, and changes in your body will obviously draw your cat’s attention.

3. The most obvious change during pregnancy may be body odor.

Morning sickness, dehydration, gum disease, stomach upset, etc., will change your body odor.
You may also become very prone to sweating, so the indirect body odor will be more intense.

Other body odor changes may include: head oil, belly button, etc. And these peculiar smells, you may get used to it for a few days, you will not notice it, and your husband may also ignore it. However, cats will not, you know, their olfactory sensitivity is 14 times that of ours! Therefore, the truth is likely to be: you don't know that you are "in" yet, but the cat has already noticed your "different".

4. A very large number of women have various moods during pregnancy, which fluctuates from high to low. One minute ago, I was very looking forward to becoming a mother. The next minute I might cry because of the uncertainty of the future.

Many studies have shown that changes in hormone levels directly affect the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain. And neurotransmitters control your mood changes. In the first 6-10 weeks of pregnancy, your body will undergo countless changes, and so will your emotions.

Big mood swings generally occur in the early and late stages of pregnancy. Especially those who are pregnant for the first time may be afraid and angry because of the unknown.

At this time, if you have a cat, it will perceive your emotions and will try to comfort you. In particular, if your cat is a female cat, its maternal instinct will come into play at this time. It will comfort you more actively, lick you (equivalent to combing your hair), and when you make some painful sounds, it will come over and care for you.

In the middle of a relatively stable mood, your cat will return to a normal life state. For you, you may not be able to feel the emotional changes during pregnancy, but if you can carefully observe the cat's behavior, it may be like a mirror to tell you your state. In other words, the performance of most cats during your pregnancy is a barometer of your emotions. You can make appropriate adjustments based on the feedback.

5. High levels of progesterone will cause your body to fatigue. Furthermore, the time you spend playing with the cat may be shortened. For the cat, it may be understood that you hate it.

Similarly, your sense of smell will change. Some pregnant women feel nauseous when they smell it. Therefore, the smell of cats may be no exception. I didn't think there was anything before, but during pregnancy, I felt it smelled so unpleasant.

However, these changes can be felt by cats. In the same way, your body starts to get fatter, and the cups start to get bigger. Your cat's feelings about your body changes are also very intuitive. All of this is enough to prove that they are the fact that you can feel that you are pregnant.

6. When you lose control of your emotions, your cat will accept you. Of course, the premise is that you don't yell at it. I believe that many people must have experienced the experience of being comforted by cats, and even many people have walked out of the haze by the company of cats.


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