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Where Are The Sweat Glands Of The Cat?

Where Are The Sweat Glands Of The Cat? | PAWZ Road

Cats have fewer sweat glands, usually located on the soles of their feet. Generally, cats do not sweat. Only in summer can we find traces on the floor where cats have stepped on their feet, that is, they are sweating.

Cats have fewer sweat glands

Cats are more tolerant of high temperatures and are more sensitive to low temperatures. Therefore, it is recommended that the cat's living environment be provided with a device to raise the indoor temperature.

Cats cool down in the following ways:

1. The sweat glands on the pads of the cat's feet and the sebaceous glands in the skin can help the cat dissipate heat.

Two, cats in summer will reduce their exercise.

3. The cat is a nocturnal animal, and the night action is not as hot as during the day, so the cat can avoid the high temperature directly.

4. From April to June each year, cats will take off their long winter coats and put on "short summer clothes".

5. In summer, cats will drink slightly more water, which will cool the body through excretion.

6. cats will choose to sleep on the floor, bed and other shady places to rest, allowing the floor to take away some of the heat.

7. There is a layer of grease on the cat's coat, which can resist part of the heat. (So don't bathe the cat too often).

After the above-mentioned series of cooling methods, cats rarely have the chance of heatstroke. Of course, our cat owners can do some work to make cats feel more comfortable, such as:

1. Let the cat live in an air-conditioned room (pay attention to air circulation, cat needs fresh air);

2. Give the cat an ice cube to lick; shorten the foot hair between the cat's paw pads;

3. Prepare a few more bowls for cats to drink water, let the cat drink more water;

4. Increase indoor humidity;

5. Adjust the diet, reduce sugar and starch and other foods that are easily exchanged for calories, and add protein, vitamins and trace elements. This will not only help cats digest and absorb, clean up the intestines, but also make them feel more refreshed.

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