PAWZ Road Enclosed 2 Ways Anti-splash Cat Litter Box



PAWZ Road Enclosed 2 Ways Anti-splash Cat Litter Box

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Give your meowing mavens the best place to play and rest with the PAWZ Road Enclosed 2 Ways Anti-splash Cat Litter Box! Packed with 9 sisal scratching poles, 2 pom-poms, 7 rest spots, 1 cozy condo, 1 plush hammock, and an elevated acrylic nest, this stylish tree is the purr-fect palace for your cats! The fan-shaped base and reinforced boards keep your cats safe and secure, so you can rest easy. Plus, you can assemble it with ease - no need to worry about your whiskers!

Features & Benefits

  • Easy-Cleaning: Pull-out drawer design for easy litter removal and exchange, with minimal mess. Includes a matching cat litter scoop.
  • Large Private Space: Spacious interior allows most cats to enter, turn around, and exit comfortably. The enclosed structure enhances privacy, making cats feel safer and more comfortable. Reduces odor emission for fresh air.
  • 2-Door Design: Front door and top exit for convenient cat access. Easy for kittens and adult cats to enter and exit from both entrances.
  • Eco-friendly Material: Constructed with high-quality PS and PP materials, ensuring safety for kittens and adult cats.
  • Folding and Portable: Collapsible design facilitates storage, installation, and disassembly. Perfect for travel.

Weight rating & Size

•Weight rating: Suitable for 1-35lbs cats


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Customer Reviews

Based on 224 reviews
Leave the mess in the box. Easy to clean.

My favorite feature is that there is no litter on the floor when my kids are outside!

cutest litter box...

It might sound weird to say, but I love this litter box! This is the cutest baby blue! Little did I know that this litter box would come with two tools! It actually has a small bristle clump and a shovel in addition to the shovel. I've had one liter compartments in the past and had to pull the bottom out to clean the bedding and have had issues with both. I'm happy to say this is a game changer! I really like that the whole bottom doesn't move, but looks more like a drawer with junk in it. Very easy to move and clean. Another problem with this liter box is ventilation. There are louvers throughout the top to ensure adequate ventilation! When assembling this liter box, I thought I'd have to screw the panels together, but to my surprise, that wasn't the case! Only the top and bottom need to be connected. The middle four panels are hinged and foldable. Easiest thing ever! My only complaint is that only the front door and entrance can be seen. There is another way to get in and out through the hole in the top, but my kitty didn't use that either. Maybe I'll cut off the little plastic piece on the bottom of the clear door that keeps it from swinging freely. My cat is doing fine so far. Very satisfied and happy to recommend!

Very happy with the little box

This litter box fits together easily (no pun intended, it actually does). Assembly takes less than 5 minutes. As you can see in pic 1, one of our cats couldn't wait to get in :) The front door of the smaller box allows the cats in but not out - they have to go out the hole in the top - hopefully this will prevent littering better Trash can be placed on the floor compared to conventional front exit bins. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but I think the front "door" looks like a cat's head. A litter scoop is included and hangs from the side of the box. Also included is a small brush for brushing top litter back into the box. Also included is a paw-shaped "doormat" to help prevent litter left on the cat's feet from spilling onto the floor. All three of our cats love using this litter box. The box is very roomy. It is larger than our other liter boxes. The tray at the bottom of the box pulls out for easy cleaning. We've been very happy with the bin so far and believe it does a better job of keeping litter out of the floor than traditional bins. Some litter still ends up on the floor, but not as much as when using a traditional forward/front out bin. All three of our cats love the box, so that's their contribution to this review. Another advantage of this mailbox is that the front door is transparent and the top hole is transparent. This makes it easy to see if there's a lot of poop in there so you know it needs cleaning. Of course, you can't take that as an advantage, because now you see shit. So far we (me, my husband and three cats) are very happy with this litter box so we would all recommend it.

That's very good

This is good. Easy to assemble and easy to clean. Sturdy litter box. My cats love them and use them all the time now!

Access from above, large bin compartment!

The size of this remarkable litter box surprised me as I specifically asked about the top entry/exit? So besides the paw pads (laughs), the size is a particularly appreciated feature, which certainly helps keep little paws from getting caught in the litter bits I find from time to time! Another great feature is the window on the front of it (where most of the I/O from the other boxes is located); this nice and well-designed box, as if you had a cat? Did you know that kittens don't like to be in certain areas because they can't see what's going on outside and have an extra window you can walk in? Or can you install a clear blocker to allow viewing? But keep track of the entry/exit at the top! The shovel and cleaning brush are great additions and the slide out bottom does everything I want it to be and more! Is easy assembly really an understatement? Assembly took less than five minutes. I'm sure I'm spending less time than I could possibly have as I'm slowly making progress on compiling!

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