PAWZ Road Enclosed 2 Ways Anti-splash Cat Litter Box

$49.99 USD

Multi fuanctions

Easy to clean

High Capacity for most cats

Space saving

Easy to install



Include a litter shovel

Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews
Eva M
Beautiful litter box

Beautiful litter box that furnishes a room well!! I bought it for its clean & modern look, as it would be in plain sight in my bathroom. Good sizes too. But the box is shallow and contains a rather thin layer of litter, so when the cats scratch it, the pee collects at the bottom of the box and it needs to be scrubbed/washed regularly. However, the sliding tray principle is practical. In addition, the fact that the top is perforated makes the smells stand out a lot. Don't forget to clean it every day and even add some common sense to cover up odors.

kymin l.
The litter is very easy to get on the floor

Very easy to install, but the litter is very easy to get to the bottom of the litter box, not outside of the box. Everytime after clean up poop, I need to clean the floor too

Canadian girl
cute but my cat wouldn't use it

I really liked the idea of this product. It's a bit awkward to get the top to align and clip on, but once assembled I really liked the estic of it, and the ease of pulling the tray out. However, my cat does not like it and has started to go to the bathroom on the couch and floor, which is very unlike her. I was really hopeful, but unfortunately the investment was not worth it.

T. Allgeyer
Just buy it! Awesome product

I love this cat litter box, it helps keep mess to a minimum, while keeping in some of the smell.

Mari West
Best litter box I have ever had!

It was easy to set up. It is easy to clean. Since it is enclosed, less litter on the floor. Still a tiny bit, but nothing to complain about. I love it and my cat loves it!

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