PAWZ Road Enclosed 2 Ways Anti-splash Cat Litter Box

$49.99 USD

Multi fuanctions

Easy to clean

High Capacity for most cats

Space saving

Easy to install



Include a litter shovel

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Very practical and not too big

Love this litter box its just right for my little kitty she can go in through the top or bottom and its got grooves on top so she doesn't track litter. It's also very easy to clean with the slide out try and scooper that comes with it.

Canadian girl
cute but my cat wouldn't use it

I really liked the idea of this product. It's a bit awkward to get the top to align and clip on, but once assembled I really liked the estic of it, and the ease of pulling the tray out. However, my cat does not like it and has started to go to the bathroom on the couch and floor, which is very unlike her. I was really hopeful, but unfortunately the investment was not worth it.

My cat loves it!

My grumpy old cat HATES change but he loves the new litter box!

Does the job

I have two large cats (not chonky, just overal big). There is plenty of space for them to move around in there, the door is wide. My cats don't use the top entrance (other than when my younger cat watches my older cat do her thing just to piss her off). It is fairly easy to clean, but you need enough space to pull out the tray. It doesn't scratch easily, so it doesnt hold odours. I find litter tends to get under the tray, so when you are doing a full cleaning you have to pull it all out.

Overall, it works well and my cats adapted to it quickly. If you have small cats that are sand kickers and you are trying to lessen the mess, then this might not be the best product for you.

A nice change in the home

Conventional litter boxes should be thrown out the door, now that these types of litters exist... Everyone should at least have one of these!

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