AMT0051 Installation Video


hello i have put together the structure exactly as it says but the top of the tower with the cat basket does not line up to the hole under the square b higher level (the middle sized level at the top) i have to bend the tower so it looks very bent to get it to line up. I have had a look at the instructions to see if i did anything wrong including checking the base to see if the towers needed to be switched but they are spaced evenly at the base so that wouldnt help….

Amy December 21, 2021

I have built half the tower & missing some screws please help. I don’t want the tower to get damaged by my toddler.

Emm July 07, 2021

This cat tower has just been delivered to my house but I’m missing all the small nuts, bolts and screws to put it together. Can you please send me these missing items?

Thank you

Stuart June 18, 2020

I cannot see this video! Nothing is visible! Could you please help me out or send to me? Thank you :)

Joanna Pantazi March 06, 2020

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