Funny Cat Video Will Put A Smile on Your Face - PAWZ Road


Funny Cat Video Will Put A Smile on Your Face

Funny Cat Video Will Put A Smile on Your Face | PAWZ Road


A funny cat always makes me laugh. This blog brings you some funny videos of cats. Hope you enjoy the funny moment!

Kitties, no matter whether they are adults or kittens, seem to get into the most hilarious situations.

So if you are feeling down and need something to cheer you up, watch a funny video featuring cats. Just go to any video sharing website like YouTube, and you'll find lots and lots of videos of cats. From dancing cats to piano playing cats, and from curious cats to cute kittens, you will surely find the video that will make you laugh out loud. Enjoy!

Indeed, cats are very funny animals. Our cats always keep us entertained with their antics. And now cats are the subjects of many online videos. Here are several videos of funny felines we found on YouTube. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Spider Kitty

Check out this screen-climbing cat. An agile feline indeed! Does he reminds you of your lovely cats who used to climb the drapes?


YouTube: Catsbook


I Think I Have Something on My Paw

Cats are extremely curious animals. Noises and things that move catch their attention easily. They snoop around trying to explore their environment. And sometimes, they don’t know what to make of the things they find. This kitty got something stuck on her paw. 


YouTube: FLIXzy


Sleeping Kitty

Life is so good for this kitty. He looks so relaxed. Get up? What for? 


YouTube: eugolas


And Another Sleepy Cat

He’s a sound sleeper for sure. Are you sure you're not watching the World Cup day and night?


YouTube: Oh, made! (Only Handmade)


Wake Up, Kitty

This funny kitty takes his time waking up. This kitty is so cute and funny.

Is it morning yet? I don't want to get up. It's so good and comfortable here. Just another five minutes...


YouTube: jadedrain


Talking Cat

You are a talkative kitty! What are you talking about?


YouTube: Tiggy Talkingcat


Practice Makes Perfect

Apparently cats love playing the piano. Who knew cats could be so musical? 


 YouTube: Nora The Piano Cat


More Funny Cat Clips

Behold, the Ninja cat...

Nobody knows where he's going to show up... He's watching you...You can't hide from the Ninja cat.

This one of the most popular videos on the Internet. And after watching it, you know why. This cat is so funny.


YouTube: Onetimejoe


Kitty is a funny company indeed! We hope you enjoyed the entertaining felines showcased in this blog!


Do you have funny and fanciful videos of kitty? Tell us about your beloved video stories in the comment!






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