Just 7 Steps Make Brush Teeth For Cat Easy! – PAWZ Road


Just 7 Steps Make Brush Teeth For Cat Easy!

Just 7 Steps Make Brush Teeth For Cat Easy! | PAWZ Road


How to brush your cat’s teeth? It’s really a headache question for many pet parents. Luckily, we met a professional veterinarian Dr. Burstyn. He demonstrated that brushing a cat's teeth can be easy and pleasant for everyone involved. It just takes patience and a step by step approach.


STEP 1 -   A very pleasing touch and massage for your cat. If you have ever enjoyed a massage, now it is the time to learn to give your cat a wonderful massage. In order to reach your finger into the its mouth and brush the teeth without being bitten, you should carefully massage your cat’s whole body, to be closer with it. Let it feel like enjoying the VIP treatment...

STEP 2 -   Continue to stroke and massage your cat, stick to it for more than 10 minutes, the purpose is to make its body soft and tender........

STEP 3 -   Slowly hold down your cat’s head, intentionally or unintentionally start to massage the finger to its chin, and close to the mouth........




STEP 4 -   Pretend to inadvertently put your finger in its mouth ( At this time it may be a bit breakdown in its heart, but it may endure it because of your long time touch and massage for it), and then see what it reacts to.

STEP 5 -   If your cat doesn't have a big resistance, you can massage its teeth, gums, and chin, while the other hand doesn't stop massaging its head.

STEP 6 -   Hold its head with one hand and hold the toothbrush with the other hand. Gently brush its teeth with a clean toothbrush. Don't put toothpaste on it at first to let it feel the feeling of contacting the toothbrush with its teeth.

STEP 7 -  Start using a small amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush, then brush it with toothpaste........

If your cat is willing to be brushed teeth, you make it!


YouTube:  Helpful Vancouver Vet


The Clawdia cat is a great assistant for Dr. Burstyn to introduce the complete process of brushing the cat’s teeth!

In sum, the earlier to start training of brushing cat’s teeth, the easier to adjust its emotion when brushing teeth. The sooner the better, because it does not know how to refuse! Please remember to be gentle and do not brush its gums vigorously.

Veterinarians recommend that if possible, brushing teeth once a week or once every two weeks, which is quite good for it!








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