3 Ways to Care Mom Puppies Well in The Pawternity Leave | PAWZ Road


3 Ways to Care Mom Puppies Well in The Pawternity Leave

3 Ways to Care Mom Puppies Well in The Pawternity Leave | PAWZ Road


Hi every new pet owner, have you heard a news that the pawternity leave for new pet owners is the latest cushy benefit in some US companies? Pet care experts advocate it for healthy, sociable dog development.   

“The Kennel Club says the first 16 weeks of a puppy’s life goes a long way to producing a well-balanced, sociable dog, and that requesting time off would be ‘sensible’ for the owner and ‘extremely beneficial’ to the puppy, who can be intensively trained, acclimatised and socialised,”reports The Guardian.

In addition, a study indicates the autonomy is the key element for human's happiness index, and the happiness is the key for productivity. Took time with puppies for teaching them do not pee on the bed, or do other unruly behaviors, human's heart will be filled with happiness and achievement. 

Here are 3 ways to help new pet owners to care for mom and puppies well.


1. Observe Mother Dog Behavior Carefully.

After childbirth, it enters the stage of uterine involution and discharging lochia. The color of lochia is dark red, which can be turned into blood secretions within 12 hours after littering. After 2-3 weeks, it becomes mucinous. Around 4 weeks, the uterus involution is completely finished and the lochia is stopped to discharge. If the mother dog still discharges lochia, you must send her to pet hospitals for treatment.

In the first month after puppies birth, the mother dog will be highly vigilant and the strangers may be attacked when approaching puppies.

It is normal that mother dog has the performance of pre-natal digging after childbirth.




2. Replenish Suitable & Abundant Nutrition

Once the mother dog childbirth is finished, you need provide her with some glucose water, milk, and light salt water. 1-2 days later, sufficient drinking water and a small amount of meat should be supplied to mother dog. 3-4 days later, the amount of meat should be increased gradually. 5-6 days later, except for increasing the meat supply, the number of meals can be increased to 3-4 times every day, as well as keep drinking fresh water. In addition, please pay attention to the supplement of vitamin and trace elements. It’s unsurprising for several dogs that eating very little after childbirth, please do not nervous.

During lactation, it’s better for mother dog don’t to take a bath, particularly in the few weeks after littering. Because bathing may lead to the occurrence of abortion in mother dog, and please pay attention to avoid other irritation factors. At this time, Protein, vitamin and trace elements should be fully supplemented.




3. Lactation Matters Need Attention

During Lactation, puppies are very tender and likely to die due to malnutrition and tough environment. So that, daily nursing is important for the puppies. In the 4 days after born, you should always check if the mother dog has crushed the puppies and breastfeeding status. If there are many puppies, you need pay more attention on whether the puppies can get milk or not.

After 5 days, you can bring the puppies out to sun with the mother dog, 2 times every day, to make them breathe fresh air for around half an hour every time, making good use of ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria on puppies and promote the development of bone.

About 13 days, puppies can blink, you should prevent puppies from light stimulation, so as not to damage the eyes.

After 20 days, in a Sunny day, mother dog can be allowed to bring the puppies walk around in the yard.

You need to clip the puppy’s nail every 20 days or so to avoid scratching the mother dogs during breastfeeding.

After 30 days, expelling parasite for puppies each month, meanwhile, cleaning the puppy’s body gently once in three days.




In conclusion, during breastfeeding, puppies should be cared for attentively in these aspects of nutritional sufficiency, adequate sleep, appropriate outdoor activities and cleaning up well, etc. PAWZ Road wishes you lead a happy and healthy life with your mother dog and her babies.

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Do you have other great ideas for caring dog mother and puppies well?

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