Does Your Dog Has a Favorite Blanket


The winter night temperature is dropping, when you snuggle in your warm quilt, your beloved dog may pace up and down on the cold floor or sleep exposed to the cold air. Have you ever thought to customize a custom dog blanket for your loved dog? A dog blanket I suggest can keep your dog cozy and warm. A favorite dog blanket can completely relax your dog and feel like at home when it feels anxiety or lack of security.

One of our customers said that her 1 year old Border Collie persists in holding something in his mouth. He usually carries it into the sofa (his favorite spot) and leave it there. If the owner is missing a sock or glove, they know where to look. In fact, it sounds cute, but there must be a reason for it. We consulted with a pet emotion expert. A conclusion was confirmed, picking up something that is carrying the owner’s scent and holding it can make dog feel like the owner is near. This guy need a sense of security.


dog blanket


If your dog has the similar behaviour, we suggest you try to modify it, in case it carries something it really shouldn’t have. We’d like to propose you bring it a special dog blanket. You can sleep with it for one night to let it carry your scent and then take it for your dog. This is a security dog blanket. How to choose the favorite blankets for your dog?


6 Tips Identify Great Dog Blankets

1. Shop dog blanket by dog size. When you decide to buy a dog blanket, fit is important. You have to measure your dog first and then refer to the size chart of dog blanket.


dog blanket size chart


2. Select dog blanket of safe, healthy and comfortable. You have to know the dog blanket material through an awareness of product brands or manufacturers, raw materials and buyer show as a reference. Ultra soft fleece fabric keeps your dog warm and comfortable in the winter.

3. Dog blanket with high quality and affordable is the key. A durable dog blanket can avoid being teared, chewed or even swallowed into your dog. Because you don’t know what things motivate your lovely dog to start biting or tearing the blanket. If it is swallowed by your dog, it may clog the digestive system and threathen life.

4. Give up on tasseled blankets for your dog. The dog blankets with tassels or coarse fibers may induce your dog to chew or bite them, posing a choking hazard.

5. Dog blanket should be breathable and not weighted. Humans can relieve our inner insecurity and anxiety by wrapping ourselves in a weighted blanket, but dogs or cats are not. If you cover your sleeping dog with a weighted and super warm blanket, it will feel uncomfortable and escape away quickly. If there is a block on its escape route, such as winter heater, your dog may feel too warm or even chokey. Please buy a soft lightweight and cozy blanket for your beloved dog.


dog blanket paws pattern


6. A great dog blanket should be also machine washable and fadeless, no mater how you abuse it. If it is not stick fur as well, this blanket is perfect I want to say.

Plus, I’d like to remind you that the electric blankets or heating pad wires may pose a safety hazard for pets. You never know what will cause them to bite or tear. If the wires are too hot, they may burn, even more dangerous; Cats like chewing the wire. It may cause electric shock if it is accidentally broken. Please be careful to power off the wires when you are not at home.


6 Affordable Great Dog Blanket on PAWZ Road

If you are determined to buy a great dog blanket for your dogs. Here are 10 affordable dog blankets on PAWZ Road as for your reference, varying from materials and sizes to patterns and purposes.


1. PAWZ Road Dog Cat Blanket

PAWZ Road dog blanket


The PAWZ Road Dog Cat Blanket is an affordable and snuggle warm fleece dog blanket available in three different sizes. It is made of double -side velvet fabrics and its machine washable and lightweight feature make it an ideal choice for any dog or cat. It can be used at home or while traveling on the road.

Key Benefits

  • Made of high quality fleece fabric, ultra-soft plush material.
  • Not easy stick fur, keep pet hair off furniture beds, sofas or your car.
  • It can be used all year round and keep your dog breathable and comfortable.
  • Three sizes let you choose the most suitable blanket.
  • Colorful knitted dot looks pretty well to decorate furniture at home.


2. PAWZ Road Dog Cat Blanket Double-sided Fleece


PAWZ Road Dog Blanket Double-sided Fleece


The PAWZ Road Double-sided Fleece Dog Blanket is a ultra-soft and skin friendly dog blanket. One side features in soothing pure tones, and the other side offers a soft plush fabric with a withe cream color. The lightweight and warm blanket is perfect for chilly nights and traveling outsides. 

Key Benefits

  • Twice larger than the normal blanket.
  • It’s made of double face velvet and is soft, skin friendly and machine washable.
  • Keep your dog or cat warm and cozy just like in mummy's embrace.
  • It is ideal for insides, dog crate, dog bed, car seat, even when boarding.
  • Suitable for dogs and cats, and other animals.


3. PAWZ Road Dog Blanket Waterproof


traveling dog blanket waterproof


This PAWZ Road Waterproof Dog Blanket is an affordable and waterproof traveling dog blanket with a portable package to easily carry it outsides. Ultra-soft fabric makes your pet feel cozy anywhere they decide to curl up for a nap. Machine washable requirement make lean easily. Best choice for camping with your lovely dog!

Key Benefits

  • Durable & Soft: Made of ultra-soft oxford material,washable.
  • Portable: It is designed with a package,easy to carry it outdoors.
  • East to clean: Not easy pilling and not easy to drop hair.
  • Best choice for traveling and camping.


4. PAWZ Road Dog Cat Coral Fabric Washable


PAWZ Road Dog Blanket Coral Fabric Washable


This PAWZ Road Dog Cat Coral Fabric Washable is a fadeless and cozy dog blanket. Exquisite surround blanket won’t to take off the line. It is more bigger size than usual, more comfortable and convenient to use, suitable for various kinds of dogs and cats.

Key Benefits

  • Made of Coral velvet Material, super soft, warm, cozy, and skin-friendly.   
  • It is not stick fur, fadeless and machine washable,more convenient to clean it.
  • Exquisite surround,not off-line, more durable,to use more time.
  • More bigger size than usual, more comfortable and convenient.
  • Suitable for various kinds of dogs and cats.


5. PAWZ Road Photo Custom Dog Blanket Fleece


PAWZ Road dog cat custom blanket


There are so many wonderful moments in our pet-life. For instance, celebrating your pet's birthday, or your pet has babies, or you travel with your pets, etc. Don't you want to keep those beautiful pictures forever? For the insistence of strengthening ties between pets and families, a innovative idea came up at PAWZ Road that the custom dog blanket lets owners define their exclusive blankets! Do you want to get one as your pet’s birthday gift or pet reward gift for good behavior?

Key Benefits

  • Made of ultra soft, comfy fleece material.
  • Applying latest 3D printing technology, super unique and fadeless
  • Individual, custom crafted design of your pet by artists.
  • Printed, packed, shipped to your doorstep.


6. PAWZ Road Dog Cat Blanket Galaxy Pattern Woollen


Pet Blanket Galaxy Pattern Woollen


This Large Pet Blanket Galaxy Pattern provide your pet a warm nap time, and never want to leave away! Using latest 3D Printing technology looks pretty well. It is an ideal dog blanket for your pretty dog.

Key Benefits

  • Well made by high quality material, warm and cozy in the winter.
  • Latest 3D Printing technology keep the pattern pretty and fadeless.
  • Exquisite surround,not off-line, more durable,to use more time.
  • Machine washable in cold water, easy to clean.
  • Best for most breeds of dogs, cats and other animals.


Who Should Purchase a Dog Blanket

Anyone who has a dog should think about purchasing a dog blanket.

At home, a cozy dog blanket can make your dog feel comfortable anywhere it want to curl up for a sweet nap, especially in the winter. Dog blankets can keep your furniture away from dog fur, dog bite and dog scratches. While traveling, a dog blanket will be an ideal tranquilizer to make your dog feel safe and less anxious other than protecting your expensive car seat from dog tear and scracthes.

If you have a pet lover in your life, you can present them the dog blankets. Many PAWZ Road dog blankets designed with pretty pattern is suitable for human use as well.


dog blanket for dogs and kids


Overall, any dog owner should consider buying a dog blanket for beloved dog and try to turn it into its favorite dog blanket or a “security blanket” to keep it away from fear and anxious when it is alone at home. 


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