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How To Choose A Right Cat Food For Your Kitty

How To Choose A Right Cat Food For Your Kitty | PAWZ Road


Cats have specific nutritional demands. All cats owners need to be concerned about the diet. So what is the best cat food? PAWZ Road tells you how to choose the right cat food.

First of all, we encourages you consult the vet for a whole nutritional advice. Furthermore, there are some methods to help you get start selecting a best cat food in the following analysis.




Age-Appropriate Cat Food

Three stages of cat life:

  1. Kitten
  2. Adult
  3. Senior

Cat nutritional demands vary throughout the entire life stage. The nutritional requirements of each life stage should be satified by the specific diet.

  • Kittens need the food with high protein and fat to accelerate the growth of bones, teeth and muscles. They are more active than adult cats and can burn calories quickly.
  • Adult cats are suitable for eating a lower-calorie food, so as to control the weight. As people, overweight can result in many diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and arthritis. Excluding the pregnant or nursing cats.
  • Senior cats are obviously inactive and require a low-fat diet with highly digestible proteins to reduce the heavy working burden on the kidneys.




How To Read A Cat Food Label

These basic ingredients should be read at your first eyes.

  • Proteinis from the identified meat, fish or poultry ( focus on “beef”, “lamb”, ”chicken” but not “meat” or “meat product”)
  • Taurine ( essential amino acid )
  • Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids
  • Preservatives(high-quality cat food contains fewer artificial preservatives and cheap fillers)
  • Expiration date


Refuse Byproducts

  • Added sugars
  • Dangerous chemical preservativese.BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin and propyl gallate)
  • Corn meal
  • Overmuchcarbohydrate fillers



Is It Fine If Cats Eat Dog Food?

The nutritional needs of cats are very different from the dog’s. For instance, cats require more protein than dogs. In case your cat nibbles the dog’s food, do not worry. It won’t your cats. However, if you cat eats dog food entirely, which will result in damaging your cat’s health due to lack of many nutrients.




These Household Food To Avoid

Cat’s natural curiosity drives her to eat the interesting food instead of the suitable diet. Some common household food may make cats ill or even cause death, as follows:

  • Onions, garlic, chives ( break down a cat’s red blood cells )
  • Grapes and raisins ( cause kidney ill )
  • Milk ( dairy foods cannot be processd by adult cats ) 
  • Coffee, tea, colas ( caffeine is fatal for cats )
  • Chocolate ( theobromine is lethal for cats )
  • Xylitol in candy or gum (damage consumption of cats )
  • Raw eggs ( interfere the absorption of Vitamin B )
  • Alcohol ( 3 teaspoons of whiskey can kill a 5-pound cat ) 
  • Yeast dough fermentation creates alcohol leading to poisoning )

Cats nutritional diet in each of life stage needs to be monitored carefully in preventing various desease and supporting your cat to live a healthy and long life.




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