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How To Feed A Newborn Kitten

How To Feed A Newborn Kitten | PAWZ Road


Two prime ways to feed your new kittens are staple food of breast-feeding and accessory food with artificial feeding. It is well known that the breast-feeding is best for the growth of newborn kittens, as people. Especially for the mother’s colostrum, it’s very precious for kittens, which contains necessary nutrition in higher quality for puppies, compared with the milk came out in next time. Promoting colostrum for your mother cat in the first few days is extremely important. PAWZ Road tells you how to help your mother cat promote lactation.




Whats Right Dietary For Mother Cat

  • Gold carp soup
  • Soy trotter soup
  • Lecithin granules (Please consult the vet for getting appropriate eating dosage)
  • Papaya juice (Do not drink overmuch)
  • Professional cat food 
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits (Avoid grape)

Kind note: Mother cat isn’t allowed to eat pig liver during lactation, due to pig liver is bad for lactating puppies.




Accessory Food

  • Kitten milk powder ( Choose the right milk not just look the product name )
  • Skim milk ( lactose in milk may hurt kitten's stomach )
  • Puppy rice flour ( brewed by tepid milk or water before feeding )

Anyhow artificial feeding is only the supplementary food. Its nutritional ingredient is not complete and balanced, and incomparable for breast-feeding. Feeding your newborn kitten by mother cat lactation is particularly encouraged, then properly feeding with accessory food. PAWZ Road hope your newborn kitten can lead a healthy and happy life in the future!




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