Whether Dogs Can Resonate With Music? | PAWZ Road


Whether Dogs Can Resonate With Music?

Whether Dogs Can Resonate With Music? | PAWZ Road


A study found that dogs are able to understand the different music, such as tonality, rhythm, etc. The Dogs listening to rock music will be more excited and restless, and the one who often listen to classical music is easy to be stable. While there is no obvious influence on dogs listening to popular pop music, which is same to people.



So if your lovely dog tends to be restless, PAWZ Road suggests you to play classical music more often for your dog, which has a calming effect on the dog's nervous system. Please never always play rock music for your puppy just because you like it, which will make they feel fretted. Making a trans-positional consideration. Dogs can only silently bear the music you choose rather than turn off music as you.


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Another thing you should pay special attention to is the fact that your dog’s hearing is better than you, please the music should not be too loud. Otherwise, their ears will suffer disaster. All in all, a soft, gentle classical music is the best choice to calm your dog down.


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