How to Make a Dog Drinks More Water | PAWZ Road


How to Make a Dog Drinks More Water

How to Make a Dog Drinks More Water | PAWZ Road


The condition of dog urine often reflects its physical condition. Do you know the reasons why the dog's urine is yellow? Here are two main reasons.

1. Do not drink enough water

    The normally discharged fresh urine is pale yellow because of the yellow urine pigment contained in the urine. However, the color of the urine will be changed with the amount of drinking water. Drinking plenty of water will produce more urine, while the proportion of urine pigment in the urine is smaller and the color is lighter. Similarly, the opposite principle can be easily elicited.

    2. Urine with bilirubin

      It was found that the dog's urine was clearly orange-yellow. It may be accompanied by bilirubin in the urine. The concentration of bilirubin in urine will rises when the red blood cells are destroyed or liver disease occurs. In addition, the dog's eyes, skin, or gums also turn yellow or orange at the same time. I suggest you go to a veterinary clinic for diagnosis confirmation.


      How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated 

      We all know the significance to keep your dog in water sufficient condition. But how to make it? When you meet a week of the business trip or your dog had to stay home alone for a few days, how can you provide your dog with enough fresh water. Yes, you're going to purchase a dog water fountain. Large volume and advanced automatic filter system can ensure your dog drink a lot of fresh and cleaning water. 


      dog drink in the bottle


      4 Features are Focused on a Dog Water Fountain

      If you realize the necessity of keeping a dog water fountain or are going to purchase it. The following three key features should be emphatically concerned.

      1. Healthy materials. A safe and non-toxic water fountain could keep the dogs healthy and stay away from various diseases.

      2. Large capacity. The large capacity of a water fountain ensures the dogs drink enough water every day, especially in summer.

      3. Automatic water supply system. A water fountain with the automatic water supply system liberates the master’s labor, and the masters can rest assured to go to work or attend the other activities.

      4. High-effective filter system. You'd have to confirm that the filter system of a dog water fountain is durable and works effectively before you order it. If the filter is replaceable, Why not buy more just in case?


      3 Best Dog Water Fountains on PAWZ Road.

      1. Best Automatic Dog Cat Water Fountain 3L

      PAWZ Road has deeply realized the great benefits of automatic pet fountain. And we ultimately developed the fountain for pet parents. Pet fountain has two water flow settings. Customizable flow setting is designed for different types of pet drinking behaviors. 360-degree drinking surface of the fountain is ideal for multiple pets households. PAWZ Road automatic pet fountain has integrated power-up by USB and lithium battery together. Anti-splashy spring water flowing effectively prevents water from splashing.

      PAWZ Road pet fountain 3L

      Key Benefits

      • 3L water capacity keeps pet hydrated any time.
      • Extra-quiet operating motor won’t disturb you and your pet.
      • Three-layer filtration system and built-in water recirculation system to ensure a safer, cleaner, and fresher water.
      • Integrated power-up by USB and lithium battery together. 
      • The fountain is portable and lightweight, won’t take up too much space, and is perfect for traveling outsides.
      • 5-volt low voltage system won’t significantly affect the monthly power bill.


      2. 2L Pet Water Dispenser Auto Circulation Fountain 3 Colors

      PAWZ Road Pet Water Dispenser Auto Circulation Fountain with high capacity of 2L keep your pet hydrated. 

      Automatic dog water fountain 2L

      Key Benefits

      • High Capacity: 2L gives pet more care.
      • Mute Pump: Effectively control noise under decibels that do not affect you.
      • Intelligent Power Off: When the water level reaches a critical low, the pumps automatically switches off.
      • Efficient Filtration System: Leach hair and residue out, keep the water clean and fresh, remove bad smell and particle.
      • Simple design but very useful. Split design is easy for clean and change water. Power Saving.


      3. 3L Pet Fountain Healthy Water Dispenser 2 Patterns

      PAWZ Road 3L Pet Fountain Healthy Water Dispenser 2 Patterns with a silent water pump: The silent water pump help provide a quiet operation that will not affect pets and pets’ owner’s sleep. 

      3L dog water dispenser

      Key Benefits

      • 2 Pattern Version: Regular pattern with the single working mode of continues working: The fountain keeps dispensing water for 24 hours. Advanced version with four working modes.
      • Unique Separated Mechanism Design: Made of ABS food safe material, it is easy to take off the water tank and refresh water.
      • Large Capacity--No need to replenish water frequently and it can meet the drinking needs of your furry friends.
      • Environment-friendly Material -- Made of finely polished antibacterial PP resin material, this automatic water bowl is BPA-free, non-toxic and odorless, and obtains food-grade certification, which can be used safely and securely.



      Drinking too few waters is harmful to the dogs. While you are not able to force water on your furry kids, you can help them drink enough water by providing healthy, funny, intelligent dog water fountain on PAWZ Road.

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