PAWZ Road Automatic Feeder-One of High-tech Dog & Cat Product You'll Love


One of High-tech Dog & Cat Product You'll Love-PAWZ Road

One of High-tech Dog & Cat Product You'll Love-PAWZ Road | PAWZ Road


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Technology plays a huge role in our daily lives, so it’s not surprised that the high-tech products are popping up to assist us better in caring for and interacting with our dogs. From tracking your dog’s feeding routine to keeping an eye on them when you’re out, technology has started to explore the possibilities of mediated human dog interactions. Of course, there’s no substitute for paying close attention to your dog and spending quality time together.    

That said, Hi-tech Dog products can help with your dog’s health, safety and behavior, or they can just make life a little easier.


PAWZ Road Hi-tech Feeding & Remote Monitoring




SMART PHONE APP - You can remotely set a feeding schedule from your phone via smart phone app. The accurate and scientific feeding solution helps you monitor your pet’s eating habits.




VOICE RECORDER - Up to 20s voice record function for calling up your pet for food , training, interactions, increases a lot of fun. So it's not only a feeder but also one playing partner.




LARGE CAPACITY - 8 liters feeding supply is two times or more than other of various smart feeders, well helping you feed your pets during trips, busy days or releasing you from your precious rest time.




NO JAM - Inside program has the specific function that food will not be stuck, spilled or happens double feed.




INTEGRATED DESIGN - Made by BPA-free materials, FDA-approved certification. The removable food hopper and stretchable food tray, convenient for cleaning, prevented your beloved pet from breaking into its supply, two buckles at two sides are designed very tightly, the top lid can be opened only after pushing down with two hands synchronously. It’s easy for you to operate rather than your pets.




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