How to Prepare for Mother Dogs During Pregnancy?--PAWZ Road


How to Prepare for Mother Dogs During Pregnancy?--PAWZ Road

How to Prepare for Mother Dogs During Pregnancy?--PAWZ Road | PAWZ Road


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Do you have a dog in pregnancy, it’s vital for you to know more information about how to take good care of your lovely dog and her baby


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Focus on The Pregnant Performance

  1. Generally speaking, some of the dogs may vomit from 7 to 15 days after mating, but the owners often haven’t saw Then her appetite is greatly increased, and she will not picky eaters anymore. There is obviously a feeling of gaining weight as well. Besides, her breasts are obviously developed. From 30 to 40 days, the abdomen may be seen bulging to both sides. From 40 to 50 days, it is obvious that the abdominal circumference increases and droops. After 50 days, some of the mother dog's breasts can be extruded with milk. From 60 to 62 days, it’s time to give birth to the puppies.
  2. As the maternity period approaches,the mom dogs will look uneasy, and ther appetite is greatly diminished, along with constantly panting.
  3. They would like to run in the dark, and irritably catche the floor with their front feet.
  4. Anorexia, decreased appetite, and almost no eating at all indicate that the baby is around the corner.




Preparing for welcome New Babies

  1.  Within 2 weeks before giving birth, it should be prepared for a clean large paper box (preferably a wooden box) covered with shredded clean newspapers, placed in a warm, sheltered, quiet corner.Within the 10 days of giving birth, helping your dear mom dog to adapt to this box is indispensable and this box will be used as the “birth room” and “nursing room” .
  2. If your dog is the long-haired breed, you should cut off the long hair around the breast and vulva, so as to be convenient for giving birth to a baby and feed them.




Diet of Pregnant Dogs Is Crucial

  1. In addition to having a certain amount of concentrated feed in the mom dog's diet, meat, fish meal, bone meal, eggs, vegetables...can be appropriately increased from the 20th day after mating. After 45 days, she should eat less but more meals every day (3-4 meals a day is the best). Furthermore, the mom dogs should be fed digestible food before giving birth and be provided with sufficient drinking water.
  2. The mother dog’s food intake will increase during pregnancy. You can replenish her body with iron element (Lean meat, poultry, animal liver and eggs, etc.) as much as possible, as well as the calcium supplement (Milk, tofu or professional calcium supplement dog food.)


Other Attentions

  1. Do not take a bath for your dogs 2 weeks after mating, after that, you can do it, but to be careful of avoiding catching a cold.
  2. During pregnancy, mother dogs should have a proper exercise but avoid strenuous exercise.
  3. Pregnant dogs can take a shower and keep clean, but please pay attention to keep warm in the winter. And your bathing operation should be gentle to protect her
  4. Do not use insecticide powder at home and carefully avoid the X-ray.



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