PAWZ Road Help Dogs Find Their Way Home Through 5 Precautions Training Collar & Harness.


Help Dogs Find Their Way Home Through 5 Precautions

Help Dogs Find Their Way Home Through 5 Precautions | PAWZ Road


There is a magical thing happens on the Scott Brown and his wife who live in America and are going to climb snow mountain In Washington. They were trailed by a black dog in the mountains. Initially, Mr. Brown and his wife were scared by the trailed stuff, may be a kind of dire beast. The black stuff followed them step by step all the time.




Gradually, they discovered that this stuff was not a bear but a black dog. The dog started to get close to them just a little bit. Strangely, his hair is not dirty at all and there is no smell on the body. It is not like a stray dog. In this way, they walked together for a while. In an instant, Mr. Brown found that there is dog tag on his neck.




Dog tag says “Hi, I’m Smokey, I live nearby, so please do not take me away. I like to follow hikers sometimes.”




“Don’t worry, I’ll go home when I get tired. My people love me very a lot, thanks for being nice!”




Eventually, Brown couple realized that it is such a playful dog! And his owner is really love him and protect him.


Huge Blow of a Missing Dog to a Family

Have you seen such a adorable vagrant doggy in a corner? As a matter of fact, a lovely dog runs out of fence but never come back home again, which kind of incidents often happen, being breaking many owner’s heart and a whole happy family.




Precautions Averting the Tragedies

PAWZ Road hereby summarizes five precautions to stop the dogs from getting lost.


  1. Injecting Chip for Dogs

The chip is just like a pet's identity card. Through injecting the chip for dogs and making a government registration, you are the legal owner of this dog. Once your dog lost or picked up by others, scanning the chip can confirm that it’s your dog. If the dog is unfortunately caught by the dog team, the original dog can be also contacted through the registration data of the chip.


  1. Exclusive Name Tag for Dogs

There are many tailor-made name tags for the dogs. It can be embroidered with the dog’s name, the names of dog parent, the phone number as well. There are also a lot of services of offering customized dog collars and dog harnesses. If your dog is getting lost unfortunately, the one who keeps your doggy can contact with you after getting your information on the dog’s customized collars.


  1. Train Dogs to Familiar the Ways Home

When you walk around with your pup, taking your pup to familiar with the environment around your house, leting him to remember the ways home. If one day, your pup sneaks out of fence just for fun, he can find the way to return home successfully.


  1. Strengthen Call Back Training

In daily life, it is absolutely necessary to instruct your pup to immediately fly back to home after hearing your calling of the "dog's name", which is very useful when some critical situations occur.


  1. Socialize Dogs

The Dogs who grow up with few people are often under-socialized. This kind of dogs are easily out of control because he is afraid of other dogs or too excited to see other dogs. If you often let your pup to attend some of dog party and make friends with other dogs, which will be great at promoting your pup’s socialization. If you do that, the behavior of losing control will dispear slowly in the next time you bring your pup out.


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