6 Sleep Positions Reveal Secrets Of Dogs


Do you really know about your cute dogs?

Simply, their body languages have revealed a lot of secrets for us.

We all know that a wagging tail symbolizes joy, and a lowered tail means fear. Actually, dog’s sleeping position also reflects the vital signatures about their health. Let's make a deep view on these secrets.


Curly Sue Type


A dog is sleeping with the paws hided under the body and the tail curled. It’s the most common position among the wolves or wild dogs. If your pup is sleeping as Curly Sue, it likely means that they are a bit cold or anxious about something, such as a new person or environment. 


Side-Sleep Type 


Hands down is the most common sleeping position for pups. This position is more relaxing than the Curly Sue. When a dog leave the tummy exposed, it means the pup feels comfortable enough and completely trust the environment. Side sleeper are usually calm and have strong bonds with their families.


Superman Type


A dog is sleeping with all four paws stretched out and the head at ground level. The Superman position is probably one of the cutest. This position is popular in puppies, it’s easy for a dog to wake up and jump right back into playing. Superman symbolize the active and energetic canine.


Crazy-Leg Type


A dog is sleeping with all four legs pointing upwards. With all four legs in the air, the dog’s stomach and organs are completely exposed. This sleeping position is the sign of independence, super easy and letting their family know that they feel absolutely safe and cozy.


Passed Out Type


The “Passed Out” sleep position is similar with the Crazy Legs. The differences are a dog’s front paws put over their chest and their back legs extended completely in air. This sleeping position likely means overheat, because their body has many fur, except for their belly, this position is easy to cool off. Beside, if your dog’s paws are curled over their chest, it may be telling you they don’t want to be bothered. Please be cautions if you try to wake them.

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Other incredible sleeping dogs


Look at those funny, adorable sleeping positions, which makes me can't stop laughing at all. Why are there so many cute and innocent little angels in this world?These lovely sleeping positions and faces must be the best gifts god given us! 

But I couldn't stop thinking that whether there are huge health issues behind the lovely sleeping positions. After consulting professional vets, most of them told me, pets are just like humans, the bad sleeping habits in a long term can cause chronic pain problems such as arthritis, curvature of the spine and breathing difficulties, even worse!

Attention please, every pet owners. Choosing a suitable, cozy and healthy bed for your belvoed pets is super important.


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2. The professional pet orthotic bed is also a nice choice for some malformed dogs caused by poor sleeping posture.



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Thank you for your reading! 

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