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Salute To Super Doggy Heroes In WenChuan Earthquake

Salute To Super Doggy Heroes  In WenChuan Earthquake | PAWZ Road


In the emergency rescue of the WenChuan earthquake, there were 67 rescue dogs in the public security firefighting team participated in the rescue. The 70% survivors in the earthquake were found by these rescue dogs. Now ten years later, do you remember these heroes?



When Bing Jie was involved in the Wenchuan earthquake for help, he was only one year old. His instructor, Ouyang Honghong, was only 24 years old. Bing Jie was the first rescue dog he raised.

But on the second day of the rescue, Bing Jie made a success. On the ruins of a kindergarten, Bing jie broke free from the rope and suddenly shouted at a gap in the ruins. After more than an hour of hard work by rescue workers, a young girl was rescued. She was almost unscathed. Her teacher used her body to block the falling rocks and protected her.

In more than 10 days, a total of 13 survivors were discovered by Bing Jie. After a long time of searching and rescuing, his left hind leg was injured and his heart and lung function was also damaged.



 The Xi Ling, came from a Fire Rescue Dogs Squadron in Chengdu , had already been retired. He has participated in the WenChuan Earthquake, Zhouqu and other large-scale mudslides and other disasters.

Because of his rich experience, when the Maoxian Mountain in Sichuan Province collapsed in 2017, he returned to the “battlefield” from the “nursing home” and worked more than 10 hours a day. After finding a suspicious spot near the river, Xi Ling lunged and slept in the trainer's arms.



Golden Eagle, who had participated in nearly a hundred rescue missions such as the Wenchuan earthquake, can locate trapped people accurately each time. This is also a major reason why Golden Eagle has become a merit dog.

The scars left on the face when Golden Eagle participated in the rescue are clearly visible. In addition to the injuries on the bridge of the nose, there are many invisible scars on his legs and on his body. Nowadays he is physically weaker than before, and even eating the dog food needed to be macerated with soup. The instructor cared for the retired Golden Eagle and massaged him to relieve joint pain every day.



Rescue dog Tsunami is a English Springer Spaniel breed, served for many years, is a veritable veteran. When he was young, he was sensitive and quick-acting. Now his ears are not clear, and his eyes are blind.

In the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, search and rescue operations were carried out for 2 days and 2 nights. The rescue workers were already exhausted. However, the foot was injured by the glass and Tsunami was still climbing on the rubble. The paws were all bloody. Finally Tsunami successfully found a 12-year-old girl.



In one of the ruins, McDull suddenly squatted and uttered a sobbing moan. In peacetime training, hidden humans are the searching target. The dog trainer asks them to smell the breath and yells "reports". But this time, the screams become choked. The dog trainer analyzed that the people buried below are likely to have been killed. Sure enough, the subsequent rescue results proved it.

Facing the huge ruins and grief-stricken people, the search and rescue dogs will also cry sadly and mourn for the unknown victims.



In the search and rescue dog squadron of the Kunming Fire Brigade, there were only two of the seven meritorious dogs remained: the Silver Tiger had severe pulmonary heart disease, and the back of the spine was deformed; the hind limbs were pinched and the toilets were incontinent.

Little Tigers and Silver Tigers are now in the declining years. Their past is the pride of being hung in the squadron's honour room. The squadron ever participated in the WenChuan Earthquake searching and rescuing. Totally 10 people and 7 dogs successfully targeted 206 people and 6 survivors were rescued.



Silver Tiger came from the Search and Rescue Dog Squadron of the Public Security Fire Brigade in Kunming. He saved countless people in the WenChuan Earthquake and other disasters, and repeatedly made great achievements!

However, nowadays, the Silver Tiger is also old and unable to move. But the medals and the bruises all covered the glory of his former days.



He was a rescue dog who had served in the Nanjing Fire Brigade. Now his teeth have been flattened by time, his hind legs scratched during the search and rescue of the WenChuan earthquake made him slightly crooked. In 2008 WenChuan earthquake, Shen Hu successfully rescued 15 people in the ruins during the 14-day rescuing.

After rescue, Shen Hu lost a dozen of kilos, and his heart and lung function were also greatly decreased, often coughing and shortness of breath. Unlike other search and rescue dogs who stayed in the army after retirement, Shen Hu and his instructor Shen Peng retired on the same day.

After that, Shen Hu followed Shen Peng all the way to travel, leisurely sun, to see beautiful scenery of the motherland, and eventually settled in Chengdu.

During the search and rescue, these dogs were scratched by rubble from the ruins, but none of them retreated. Ten years have passed and most of them have reached the declining year. However, no matter how long time passes, their brave and courageous spirit will always be worthy of human salute!

Thank you, mute superheroes!

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