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Which Sentence You Most Want To Tell Beloved Dog?

Which Sentence You Most Want To Tell Beloved Dog? | PAWZ Road


There is someone issued a question “If dog can only understand your one sentence, which one you most want to tell him (her)?”. Once that was issued, more than 7,000 owners responded. Some of the answers were funny and some moved. PAWZ Road found out that regardless of how the owner complained about beloved dog, the last sentence all the same is: I love you.




Our dog has spent a lifetime to love us, but we are not sure that whether our little child who can't speak can understand our love to him (her) or not?

Recently, there is a young lady on Twitter shared a tearful picture. Before her 19-year-old dog was about to die, she finally said something farewell to beloved dog, but when she spoke, she cried... She said that smart dog seemed to know what would happen to him. He tried to move his head to look at her, as if want to wipe away the owner’s tears. Dog "You must continue to live a happy life. I will continue to protect you in heaven." Dog is such a simple child. If you don’t leave them, they will stay by your side all the way until the day they disappeared...


A Letter From Your Beloved Dog

Dear owner,

I met you after I left my mother. Since then, you became my only family.




At that time, the little me was not stable, but I always tried to keep up with you. Occasionally I would accidentally trip over your feet. You would sternly let me not be so tight. But I can’t control myself. I just want to stay close with you all the time. Sometimes you accidentally step on me, and hurriedly picked me up with distressed asking “Are you okay? Is there any pain?”.




But this didn't stop my determination from following you. Even if you were going to the toilet, I would stay at the door, and you'll laugh at me like a fool. Gradually, you were accustomed to my follow-up. If you didn’t see me for a while, you would be anxiously looking for me.




No matter where you went, you would find ways to bring me, even if I can’t enter. When I grew up, I got more and more heavy, but you would still take me up without complain.




Year after year, I have traveled a lot of places with you, and you said you want me in every landscape.

Unconsciously, I'm old, even if I can't walk, you still let me be with you.




My only regret is that my life is too short to accompany you for more time. I hope to met you again...


Your Beloved,





This letter is a inner monologue of every lovely dog. Their love is so pure and undisguised...

So, if dogs can only understand my one sentence, I hope this sentence is not “sit down, shake hands, not to quarrel”, but “I love you!”


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