PAWZ Road 2-in-1 Jumping Platform Portable Home Ladder

$79.99 USD
Help your pet get safely up on the couch or their favorite spot on the bed without having to lift or carry them. No more jumping or struggling for your pet, these sturdy stairs are made with high-quality CARB-certified natural particleboards with a polyester cover, which make your pet's life more comfortable, and easier and eliminate joint stress on your pet. The big condo and storage box design rich the function of these pet stairs and makes them a perfect match for your dog or cat. This pet ladder is easily moved from room to room and has a removable and washable comfort cover. Give your pet the independence to reach their fond places with ease. Your little friends will love these pet stairs- just like only make for it.

• Material: CARB-certified Board, Polyester fabrics
• TWO-IN-ONE design: pet stairs with condo
• Easy to clean, equipped with a removable and washable cover
• Stable and robust design
• Clear instructions for easy assembly


• 37.50cm high, 66.50x39.50cm base


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 122 reviews
    This is a great value! My 14# Cavalier uses this to see out the window and loves it.

    It took literally 2 minutes to set up and use! Very sturdy as well. Exactly what I was looking for!

    Steve Cobb
    Smells BAD

    Man this thing stank. My gf couldn't smell it but it was a very strong chemical smell to me. Fortunately I aimed a fan on it overnight and it now seems fine in the morning.

    Otherwise a great product! I am very pleased and so are the ferrets.

    Lisa Van Vliet
    Brilliant item!

    This was SO easy to assemble and helps my old kitties with arthritis be part of the bed snuggle family again. They love it and the storage step is great for their food bags and bowls. Also a great height to sit and put shoes on so it's super sturdy!

    M. Lorenzon
    Both cats took to it right away!

    I left an unopened box near my bed and both my cats started using it to jump onto my bed. As I took items out of the box, I left the box there but it was not very sturdy. Yet they continued to use it and the box would cave in a little or they would slide. I was afraid they might get hurt. I bought the above stairs (after looking at quite few) and they took to it right away! I feel better knowing this is a much safer alternative and it makes it easy for them to get on the bed. The stairs were super easy to put together and look great! I highly recommend if you have a pet that needs an assist to reach their favorite spots!

    best present l purchased for my dog

    l love the fact that my chihuahua can get on my bed! l will say the bottom step tends to move a little so l have to stay on top of the issue. my dog is 5 lbs. l would say these steps are for smaller breeds.

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