PAWZ Road Up-to-ceiling Crawler Cat Tree



PAWZ Road Up-to-ceiling Crawler Cat Tree

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Recommend for small cats. This special pet play area Keeps your cats endlessly fun. With 4 platforms to sleep and bask on, this cat perch is the perfect solution for homes with more than one frisky feline. Cat scratchers benefit both pets and owners by providing someplace to relieve cats' desire to claw and climb and save your carpets and household furniture from damage. Rest, play, exercise, your cats can spend all day on it, a comfortable unit for your furry friends.


• Fits ceilings up to 9 feet
• Cats are naturally fond of high places, and this cat crawler is just what cats like.
• Give your kitty a fun, safe environment in which to play
• Ideal for all cats and kittens
• Easy to assemble. The carpet style is smoother, softer, and more tightly woven level loop


• 228.00~274.00 cm high, 43.40x28.40 cm base


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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Angela McOrmond
Kitty loves it!

Our cat loves being up high and this tree is perfect. Very low profile so it fits nicely in the corner by the window. Adjustable height means it will fit in almost any room, we have high ceilings and this has tons of height to spare.

Things to watch out for...
We have ours on hard wood flooring so we keep having to straighten it out. It would work great on carpet but we'll have to put a non slip something underneath.
Our cat LOVES it which means the carpet covering isn't actually lasting very long. Underneath is heavy cardboard so we will have to re-cover it with sisal rope soon or it will be ruined. Not a problem, it's easy to do with a staple gun and I routinely replace rope on our other trees. She has very sharp claws and loves scratching!
Our first one was so good we bought a second one for another room.

Maria Mesick
My cats love this tree!

We bought this for our cats because we were going out of town for a few days and we wanted them to have something fun to explore. Our cats had a blast! They can scratch, climb, perch and hug this cat tree. It’s easy to move around and is really stable. We will be buying another one for the bedroom!

Jamie Horgan
Great product but felt cover is easily destroyed

This product is great as a ladder to climb up to higher places and to sit on, but not lounge on. It’s only been a couple of weeks and the felt cover has already been scratched heavily by our cats and shredded. I wish the designers of this product would have used sisal rope instead of cloth so it lasts longer.

Kyle Belanger Cullen
Up-to-ceiling Crawler Cat Tree

I think it's a fun addition of play for my kitty. She rushes up to the top when she's energetic. I've read reviews about it bending out of alignment. Maybe that is the case if you have a really big cat or the reviewer didn't take the time to set it up the best possible way. I recommend to avoid it bending, to tighten as much as you can each level of posts, and then if you need to cut the plastic at the top to push down as much as you can into the posts before deciding where to cut the plastic tube. That way it is very secure when sliding the top piece against the ceiling. You'll most likely need to cut the plastic tube. Have a hacksaw handy to make it a clean, easy cut. I'm in an apartment and it came with two tubes but I only needed one.


Shipping fast. But did not put the bottom platform

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