PAWZ Road 64" Cat Tree Large Plush Cat Tower Condo Multi-Level Cat Scratching Post Tower for All Indoor Cats, Gray,Beige



PAWZ Road 64" Multi-Level Plush Cat Tree Large Cat Tower

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Welcome your cats to PAWZ Road's Cat Tree Tower Wonderland! Our XL five-level pad gives your furry friends space to play, scratch, and relax. With an all-in-one design, plus a reinforced base, this 64" tall tower is the perfect spot for multi-cat households (especially families with climbers!). Let them climb the stairs, chill in the condo cave, relax on the hammock, or perch atop this purr-fect paradise! 

Features & Benefits

  • Funny Cat Climbing Ladder: Satisfies your kitty's climbing instincts and promotes exercises.
  • Interactive Cat Toys Ball: Adds extra fun; can be removed or replaced.
  • Roomy & Cozy Cat Condo: Ideal napping spot for cats of all sizes.
  • Large Perch with Raised Edge: Comfy platform for resting, perching, and sunbathing.
  • Sisal and Flush Covered Scratching Posts: Provides surface for claw sharpening.
  • Comfy Cat Hammock: Perfect for napping and lounging.
  • Multi-level Cat Activity Center: Promotes climbing, exercise, and anxiety relief.
  • Stable and Durable Top Perches: Upgraded strong posts ensure safety and durability.
  • Suitable for indoor cats, large cats, big cats, and kittens, and adds a modern touch to your home.

Weight rating & Size

•Weight rating: Suitable for 1-44lbs cats


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Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
The cats are having a great time!

I am very happy with Scratch Post.

big. More suitable for small cats. The wall anchors were lower than expected.

Bought this for a feral kitten (about 4 months old). The kitten is now eight months old and still fussing. She especially likes this basket. Unfortunately, it more than doubles in size, making something as big as this a tipping hazard. However, for some reason the wall anchors are attached to the underside of the first floor (just above the hammock area). If something is tall, the anchor should be at the top. Another clue is that now that she's grown taller, she can't fully extend when scratching because of the sisal scratching posts. However, they're perfectly positioned for her Crazy Zoomies when she's climbing around.

Sharid Narell Utrera
One piece is torn :/

One piece was torn and I decided to glue it because my cat was already excited when I noticed it and I would be sad to put it back :/ The rest is fine and glued on easily , tearing a small point.

Security Question! ! Do not use the hammock portion of this scratcher!

Overall, this scratcher post is nice and sturdy, and my cats use it a lot. The problem is this: when my other (older) cat is trying to jump onto the first platform, my kitten is chasing her. Her leg got stuck in the hammock, which was attached to the bottom of the first platform. She was extremely claustrophobic and started complaining loudly. She also tried to run away angrily, but to no avail. My friend and I rushed over to help. I grabbed her entire body while advising my friend to focus on releasing her legs. At the start of that 10-15 second utter mess, Mindel (the cat) bit my girlfriend's hand, scratched my arm/chest, and pissed on my leg. Her legs seemed to hang limply when we tried to free her. Apparently I have terrible thoughts/plans in mind in case she breaks her leg. Fortunately, her legs were freed and she escaped. She got under the bed and came out after a while. Your legs are fine. Our other cat was very scared for a while because he had never heard his sister in such pain before. I removed the hammock from the tree and threw that horrible thing away. Mindel hadn't been near the scratch for a week. I wonder if she will use it again. I'm glad my wife and I were home when this happened. This story may have a darker ending. I ask anyone who buys this scratcher post not to use a hammock.

great cat entertainment

It's a bit of a chore to put the pieces of the house together, but once it's put together, it's not bad! It is very sturdy and my daughter and her kitty love it!

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