Cat tree installation instruction – PAWZ Road


Cat tree installation instruction

If you lost the instruction paper, you can find your cat tree (There will be a SKU code printed on the package box) and click to check steps. 

SKU Code Link
AMT005 plush hammock cat tree
AMT0012 plush hammock cat tree
AMT0014 medium plush 2 condo cat tree
AMT0014-b medium wooden 2 condo cat tree
AMT0027 modern cat tree wood gray
AMT0030 4-level 2-condo cat tree plush
AMT0038 up to ceiling cat tower
AMT0039 condo wood cat tree with board
AMT0040 large activity center cat tree with board

AMT0042 large 2-condo cat tree hammock and board
AMT0043 plush condo large cat tree
AMT0044 3-layer plush condo cat tree
AMT0045 beige modern wooden cat tree
AMT0046 medium 2 condos cat tree plush gray
AMT0050 play gym condo cat tree with board
AMT0051 sisal condo hammock cat tree
AMT0052 plush condo gray cat tree with board

AMT0053 condo cat tree gray hammock with board
AMT0056 condo hammock cat tree
AMT0057 modern cat tree wooden condo beige
AMT0058 medium wooden gray condo cat tree
AMT0059 4-varied style modern cat tree gray marble
AMT0060 2-condo plush hammcok cat tree medium gray
AMT0061 plush hammock condo cat tree
AMT0062 sky castle modern cat tree wood

AMT0063 up to ceiling large cat tree hammock condo board
AMT0064 modern 2-condo cat tree marble gray
AMT0065 modern cat tree hammock wood gray
AMT0071 modern cat tree wood beige
AMT0073 large cat tree activity center
AMT0075 Japan style multi-level wood cat tree

AMT0076 sunflower cat tree scratcher
AMT0077 large gray plush condo cat tree
AMT0078 post mail ladder small cat tree
AMT0082 large luxury cat tree 2 condos with board
AMT0083 House hammock plush cat tower
AMT0087 large multi-level plush cat tree
AMT0089 wood gray condo cat tree

AMT0094 black/brown modern closet cat tree with litter box
AMT0095 storage roof castle wood cat tower
AMT0096 unique rocket cat tower
AMT0097 black modern cat furniture 2 condos
AMT0098 plush up to ceiling cat tower
AMT0110 multi-level hammock condo plush cat tree
AMT0111 ladder codo plush cat tree
AMT0113 cactus hammock scratcher
AMT0114 medium condo plush cat tree

AMT0099 perch cat tree plush multi-level
AMT0102 tunnel modern cat furniture black/brown
AMT0103 ladder plush hammock cat tree
AMT0104 2-in-1 cat tower up to ceiling wood
AMT0105 TV shaped cat furniture
AMT0106 hammock condo cat tree wood beige
AMT0107 modern cat tree condo beige wood
AMT0108 brown multi-level cat tree wood hammock