An Injured Homeless Cat To Be Super Model | PAWZ Road


An Injured Homeless Cat To Be Super Model

An Injured Homeless Cat To Be Super Model | PAWZ Road


Hi friends! I used to be a homeless cat with a severely injured paw, until I met the Winni, one of the PAWZ Road members. She rescued me, took me to visit the vet, underwent surgery, can almost be said to save my life since I couldn’t imagine how to survive in such a desperate on the street. At present, I have not only an awesome name Rocky ( Thanks for the great idea from net friends), but also meeting many new friends. Aside from that, a new chapter begins in my life: a new home and a career. Now I’m eager to share the fateful miracle changed my life with you.


Rescue Of Injured Homeless Cat

Injured Homeless Kitten

On June 26, 2018, “ I was driving back home from the PAWZ Road Office as usual when I spotted an injured cat crouching on the side of the road. I pulled over and slowly approached him, trying to don’t frighten him. He was a weak homeless kitten, so desperate and the moment he saw me he seemed to have instantly realized I was there to help him. One of the paws was badly mutilated, I don’t know what had happened to him today that its paw was so severely injured. It would have been very difficult for him to survive the outsides, on the busy street. I tried to stabilize him and took him back home.

Injured Paw

Since I had no experience before, after returning home, I tried to wrap his injured paw, but the blood was hard to be stopped. His suffering was not to be relieved. He curled up and hugged injured paw, crying painfully all the time. My hearts also clenched with him.” recalled by Winni.


Rocky Underwent Surgery at The Vet Clinic

In the next day, Winni took me to the vet clinic to be examined. “I took the poor injured cat to visit the vet in a hurry and hope it wasn’t too late. But the check results received were not good at all. He had a lot of fractures, probably crushed by a car accident, and needed repair surgery. The vet told me his small malnourished body couldn’t withstand the anesthetic. In order to protect the kitten from leaving the terrible sequelae, I accepted the vet’s suggestion. The vet started to disinfect the injured paw and cut off the rotating parts. Surgery was hard but successful. He was too painful to stop struggling. The painful crying made my heart broken. Then I also scanned him for a microchip, there is no owner before. So I adopted him through formalities ” said the Winni.

Vet Surgery

Clean Wound


Wrap Wound

After finishing the first surgery, Winni took me back home. The pain in my paw had eased a little, and my consciousness was also slowly waking up. I felt very fearful and afraid of this new environment, I dare not do anything but hiding in a small nest.

Pet Bed

“He seemed to leave his mother early since he almost didn’t know how to suck. And he felt insecure about this new home, always hiding in the box, scared of coming out. I tried to play with him, and fed him some treats, hoping he could trust me. Finally, he tried to come out and roamed around the box carefully and slowly.” said Winni.


Rocky Recovered Day After Day

On June 30, I had a second treatment at the vet clinic. The wound and gauze were glued together, and the pain of disassembly made me tremble and my crying voice was almost hoarse. But I knew what they did all helping me recover faster. After three days, I had the third check-up at the vet clinic. My operated paw was doing much better. I could feel it was healing a little bit and became more and more active.

Wound Inflame

Clean Paw

Injured Cat

“He began to leave his small bed, was eager to wander bravely and loved to play with toys. He was much happier than before. Great joy filled in my heart. I don’t know how to describe this happiness” said Winni.

 Pet Bowl


Rocky Met Many New Friends

On July 8, “I took him to company PAWZ Road. He was interested in every new thing, and got a lot of new lovely friends.” said Winni. Now let me introduce my good friends for you.

This white guy became my best friend. He is super kind and lively. We often play hide and seek game.

Pet Friend


This guy named Oreo from the extension department. He is a schnauzer dog, very handsome, seemed to be very interested in me. I hope to be good friends with him.

Pet Friend


Oh, he is a British Shorthair cat, older than me, quiet and stable, just like my big brother.

Pet Friend

There are other lots of new friends I met, I’d like to introduce them to you later. You can also follow my INS (INS: rockyoflucky), there will be a large of my daily updates. You are welcome to drop by!


Meet Rocky Today

Daily Picture

Fifteen days later, my gauze was taken off. Though My injured paw was deformed forever, I was happy that I feel free and powerful again. 

Recover Paw

I always follow Winni to the PAWZ Road Office and wander all around there. I was no longer afraid of strangers. Because they are all super kind treating me. My happiest thing to do every day is to sit front Winni’s computer and watch her work quietly.

On August 9, I came to the company with Winni as usual. Do you know who I met? Oh, I met the chairman. He liked me very much and put a new home for me in his office. So that I had a second new home to play and nap. What a nice, clean and tidy place!

 New Home

Fortunately, chairman recommended me to take the photos for PAWZ Road items, I guess it must be because of my handsome and cute looks, isn’t it? Since then, a new chapter begins for me: I gained a “career”. Please cheer for me, I love to work with so many lovely paws-colleagues!

Look at my pictures! It’s cool, isn’t it?

Model Picture

In addition, in the broad masses of net friends brainstorm, I was named Rocky, super fashion, right? Rocky will company with my whole life. Thank you all my new friends!

Kind Net Friends

My story is not over yet. Please keep your eyes on me or follow my INS (INS: rockyoflucky). If there are any words you want to tell me, welcome to share it in the comment!

In the last but not least, there is a sentence I want to share with you: Please advocate more human to care for homeless animals. When you meet them, please do not turn a blind eye to them, they need you, please timely call the nearest shelter for assistance at least!

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