Best Automatic Dog Cat Water Fountain on PAWZ Road


In order to encourage the pet to drink more water, PAWZ Road independently developed an automatic dog cat water fountain, which is ideal for cats, dogs, and other small animals. As we know that all creatures need water since it is really vital for metabolism and temperature regulation. However, dogs and cats naturally don't drink water actively. This is why the dog cat water fountain is born. The dog cat water fountain is proud of constantly supplying pet with flowing, fresh, clean water. Fountain flowing water can always get more attention to pets than a bowl of stagnant water that is full of dust and particles.

Pet may live for a long time without eating, but if there is no water, the pet will concentrate urine and lead to the risk of crystallization in the urethra or even worse. Here are three best benefits of automatic dog cat water fountain can completely allay the fear of pet parents.


pawzroad dog cat water fountain


3 Best Benefits of Automatic Dog Cat Water Fountain


1. Flowing Water in Fountain Attracts More Attention of Pet

Automatic dog cat water fountain is not only a home decoration with the cleverish and delicate exterior but also an effective pet water dispenser for encouraging cats and dogs to drink more water. Because the flowing water in the dog cat water fountain can always catch the pet’s eyes to explore it. For instance, cats are predators, and they are always interested in something moving. This is predatory nature. Although fountain flowing water is not defined as prey, it is definitely more likely to cause cats interest than quiet stagnant water. We can do an experiment to prove it. Let’s offer your cat a bowl of water and a dog cat water fountain. Which will win more attention? Now try to make a ripple on the still water. What happens? If you open the tap, your pet may lick the flowing water. Thus, the flowing water in the dog cat water fountain can arouse the interest of the pet.


2. Fresh Water in Fountain Keeps Pet Healthy 

Generally, the physical fitness index of a dog who drinks water through the dog cat water fountain always higher than a dog who drinks from an infrequent cleaning bowl. Why is it happen? If a bowl of stagnant water is not cleaned for a long time, there will be accumulated dirt particles at the bottom and affect the water taste and even pet’s health, which is also difficult to attract pets to drink more water. In order to keep water palate fresh, you should control the H2O content in the water bowl, but it’s a laboring and avoidable housework. That’s why the automatic pet fountain is the best. Pet water fountain allows water circulation. Dog cat water fountain can constantly inject fresh air into the water and keep water fresher. Furthermore, the filter device in the pet water fountain can effectively remove animal fur, debris, dirt and harmful microorganisms to make water cleaner, fresher and safer, so as to protect your fur kids from kidney problems or urinary tract diseases.


3. Easily Cleaning Fountain Can Reduce Labour

If you don’t frequently clean your pet’s water bowl, no matter how often you change your pet water, it is always easily contaminated. Not to mention how valuable the time it takes to clean the bowl is, especially for a family with more than two pets. At this time, your automatic dog cat water fountain becomes especially necessary. Because they have built-in mechanisms to keep the container and water relatively clean for a longer period of time. It helps to minimize the number of times to clean, reducing your labor output and making it easier for you to live with your pets.


10 Pros of PAWZ Road Automatic Dog Cat Water Fountain

PAWZ Road has deeply realized the great benefits of automatic dog cat water fountain. And we ultimately developed the fountain for pet parents. PAWZ Road pet fountain has 10 advantages as below.


pawzroad dog cat water fountain 3L


  1. The capacity of the dog cat water fountain is more than 100 Ounces for keeping pet hydrated any time.
  2. PAWZ Road dog cat water fountain has Extra-quiet operating motor. You can only hear a super slight drip of the water, which won’t disturb you and your pet while drinking. On the contrary, the extra slight drip of the water can helps to calm your mind. (We make sure because we have tried it.)
  3. Dog cat water fountain has two water flow settings. Customizable flow setting is designed for different types of pet drinking behaviors.
  4. 360-degree drinking surface of the fountain is Ideal for multiple pets households.
  5. Dog cat water fountain is equipped with three layer filtration system and built-in water recirculation system to ensures safer, cleaner, and fresher water.
  6. Rechargeable design allows pet fountain work without power supply. And PAWZ Road automatic dog cat water fountain has integrated power-up by USB and lithium battery together.
  7. The fountain is portable and lightweight. So it won’t take up too much space and is perfect for traveling outsides.
  8. The fountain is easy to clean with a flat bottom and is equipped with brush, nano-sponge and other cleaning tools for free.
  9. The fountain motor operating on a 5-volt low voltage system won’t significantly affect the monthly power bill.
  10. Anti-splashy spring water flowing effectively prevents water from splashing


Best Automatic Dog Cat Water Fountain 3L key benefits


Simple Usage of this Automatic Dog Cat Water Fountain

We have learned that the best way to encourage our beloved pet to drink more water and keep them healthy is to use a dog cat water fountain, or called pet water dispenser. It is essential for pet parents to be familiar with the way to use and the fountain.

If you use the dog cat water fountain for the first time, here are five easy steps to help you:

STEP 1: Take out the automatic dog cat water fountain, check its accessories, then fill in the fountain tank with the right amount of water (Do not exceed the maximum capacity);

STEP 2: Connect the USB power cable, the function indicator light on the top of the dog cat water fountain will flash with three colors of red, yellow and blue. Do not press the power button at present. (Due to the water drinker is not ready for the operation now);

STEP 3: After around 60 seconds, the fountain function indicator light will turn green and flash, it’s time to start working.

STEP 4: Press the fountain power button, the function indicator light will turn into green light  (No flash). It’s the 1st mode that the spring water will continue to flow.

STEP 5: Press power button again, you will see the function indicator light turn into blue light (No flash too). It’s the 2nd mode of the dog cat water fountain with automatically senses to water flow. When pets are close to the water fountain (less than or equal to 30 cm), pet water fountain will automatically flow water.

STEP 6: Press the power button again, you will turn off the fountain and enter the standby mode.


pawzroad dog cat water fountain portable install steps


Two points please keep in mind when you use our dog cat water fountain.

  1. There is a small pump at the bottom of the fountain water container. For easy cleaning, a movable suction cup setting of the pump is adopted. When you use it, please make sure that the bottom of the white drinking tray targets the water pump slot before connecting the fountain power cable, so as to keep the water flowing.
  2. The automatic sensing distance of fountain is within 30 cm, and the pyroelectric infrared sensing device in the pet water fountain is only sensitive to living and moving dogs or cats. For example, when your cat is close to the water fountain but doesn't move, no water flow is normal.


Best Automatic Dog Cat Water Fountain how it works



The PAWZ Road automatic dog cat water fountain is an effective cat water fountain or dog water fountain for controlling water intake of pet and keep the pet healthy. We hope all of you can save time to accompany your beloved pet by using automatic dog cat water fountain rather than waste time to do a mass of daily pet housework. May you enjoy your pet life with PAWZ Road every day!


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I’m also trying to buy replacement water filters, but can’t find them available anywhere. The fountain is good, but it is not good to sell products which require consumables and not make them available.

Phil Hull July 20, 2020

I like this water fountain but I can’t find a place where I can buy the filters and amazon does not have them anymore

Johanna May 19, 2020

I cannot find the filters to purchase to use in my Pawz Road Water Fountain. I have been searching for weeks, and cannot find the right ones. They are oval in shape, 3 " wide, 2" long and 1/2 " deep. I purchased the fountain and every where I look the filters are no longer available. Can you help please? And tell me where I can find them? Many Thanks.

Jeanette Walker January 16, 2020


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