British Queen's Winter Care Tips For Your Dog


Three days before, Kensington Palace officially announced that the Duchess of Sussex is pregnant! Prince Harry is going to be a father! The baby will be due in next spring. What a happy news! British Queen Elizabeth II is very pleased!




Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-serving monarch in the UK, as well as the longest female monarch in the world. The queen has a lifelong passion for dog. The Queen’s family raised the Corgi for the first time When she was 7 years old, her father, George VI, who was later crowned king, took home a Corgi dog called Dookie. That year the Queen’s sister Margaret was only 3 years old. On the 18th birthday, the Queen had the first Corgi dog in her life and named it Susan. Since then, Susan has become a close friend of Elizabeth. Even when she is on her honeymoon, the Queen takes it with her.



In 1936, Elizabeth played with two Corgi dogs. (Above image)


Susan had been with the Queen for 15 years and had become the Queen's favorite dog. How much does the Queen love it? The British "Daily Telegraph" had reported that the Queen had revised the epitaph twice for Susan.



In 1955, the Queen and Prince Philip watched the child playing with the Corgi. (Above image)


There are hundreds of descendants of Susan, and the Queen had only chosen more than 30 of them to accompany her. The Queen would never sell the rest of them, but give to friends and family as a gift.

These Corgi dogs would always be everywhere the queen goes. Taking them by plane, taking them by bus,  taking them when she play, taking them when she photograph...


read newspaper

In 1975, when the Queen and Prince Philip read the newspaper, the Corgi was lying under their feet. (Above image)


Travel with dog

In 1971, the queen was on holiday with corgis. (Above image)


by plane

In 1981, the Queen's Corgi was taken to the airport. (Above image)


favorite dog

In 1998, the queen stroked one of her favorite corgis. (Above image)


These Corgi dogs are lucky. As one of the “royal members”, they enjoyed the most prestigious “royal treatment”. According to the British "Daily Mail", all the dogs the Queen had raised are very obedient. When they eat, they will find their seats by themselves, and sit down next to the Queen and enjoy their "customized" dinner. 


Queen's dogs


The animal psychologists specially equipped by the royal family revealed that the Queen's dog's daily recipes are tailor-made, and even natural herbs are included in the dishes. The dog's food is served in a silver or porcelain container. The Queen will even feed and domesticate them personally. Especially in the winter, the Queen always pays special attention to keeping dogs warm and caring them considerately.

The Queen will maintains the indoor temperature comfortable for her corgis and also keep indoor ventilation when there is sun.


Queen & Dog


In addition, the queen will prepare a warm and comfortable bed and a soft blanket for each dog, to prevent the dogs from catching cold or sneeze like human in the cold winter night.

 warm pet plush bed

large wood dog cage


Whenever there is a chance, the Queen often take her dogs out to enjoy the sun and take a walk.


take a walk


Before going out, the Queen will personally choose the suitable cold-proof coat for each dog to prevent them from getting cold.


pet warm cotton coat


pet cold-proof plaid coat


Under the care of the Queen, this Corgi dogs lived a long and happy time. The last corgis (Willow) died at Windsor castle on April 15, nearly 15 years old, putting an end for the more than 80 years of deep love between the Queen and the Corgi dogs. The death of Willow made the Queen extremely sad, because Willow is the last link between her and her parents, and even her childhood.

One of the Queen’s counselors said, “The Queen doesn’t want a young Corgi dog because she doesn’t want to leave it after she passing away.”



Although there is no Corgi dog now, there are two dogs staying with the Queen, which are hybrids of Corgi and Dachshund. They will continue to accompany the Queen.


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