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Favorite Pets Of The Marvel Super Heroes

Favorite Pets Of The Marvel Super Heroes | PAWZ Road


There is a saying on the net “The east has lost the Louis Cha (Pen name Jin Yong), and also lost the noble heroic world; The west has lost the Stan Lee, and lost the superhero universe as well. The one is the chivalrous bravery of the post-60s and post-70s generation, and the memory of the yellow book and the vintage TV. The another one is the superhero dream of the generation after 90s, and the visual impact of comic books and cinemas. Evermore, the world has lost parallel universes and noble heroic story.” I’d say “there are no Jin Yong and Stan Lee, but the heroism will last forever. ”


Stan Lee


Reported by several US media (CBS, TMZ, etc.), the American comics grandmaster Stan Lee, dead in Hollywood on Monday (Local time 12th Nov.) after a past year of pneumonia and vision illness. He was 95.


Stan Lee dead


Stan Lee, the legendary Marvel Comics co-creator and publisher, the beloved "God of the Marvel Universe" was behind superheroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, the X-Men, the Avengers and the Fantastic Four. Lee was known for his cameos in Marvel movies, as well. 


Super Heroes


“There will never be another Stan Lee”, mourned by “Captain America”, Chris Evans.


Chris Evans


“There are so many people who have benefited from him, and no one has benefited more than I have. The father of Marvel gave many people happiness. What a great life and achievement. Rest in peace, Stan” , "Spider-Man" Tom Hollander mourned.


 Tom Hollander


Actor Hugh Jackman honored the memory of Marvel Comics pioneer Stan Lee on Monday’s “Late Show” with a funny story about being inadvertently humbled by the “creative genius.”


YouTube: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.


Hugh Jackman also paid tribute on Twitter, “We’ve lost a creative genius. Stan Lee was a pioneering force in the superhero universe. I’m proud to have been a small part of his legacy and .... to have helped bring one of his characters to life”.


Hugh Jackman


Stan Lee created these heroes, and created this universal century as well. In addition to a powerful imagination, an extended love for the world, human and all animals is creation sources in his broad heart. Stan Lee loves pets very much. There a funny picture between Stan Lee and a funny cat who is born with an unhappy face.


Stan Lee and Cat


At the end of the film Venom (2018), created by Marvel Comics, Stan Lee walks with dog on a leash. What a lovely guest performer.


Stan Lee and dog


Stan Lee has a beloved dog, called Charlotte. It was lost in March of this year. Stan Lee anxiously put up lost-dog ads all over the Hollywood.


Lovely dog


When Stan Lee felt hopeless, fortunately, his neighbors who have seen the lost-dog ads made a crucial call for him!


Stan Lee and Tess


Charlotte in a mile away from home came back home with the help of a kind couple.


pawzroad dog coat


In fact, Raytheon, Spider-Man, Hulk... the same as Stan Lee, are all pet lovers! 


Raytheon Chris Hemsworth


The Raytheon actor Chris Hemsworth is full of justice like in the movie, and he is also a good husband and good dog father in life.


Chris Hemsworth's dog


He and wife adopted a dog in 2014. With the addition of three kids, their family totally has six members. Their three little babies all love dogs very much.


family of Chris Hemsworth


pawzroad pet bed soft


Spider-Man Tom Hollander


Tom Hollander also has a lovely dog, called Tess, is a blue Staffordshire bull terrier, raised in 2014. Spider-Man always like to travel with Tess and show the lovely interaction with Tess in the social media.


Tom Hollander and dog


pawzroad pet be warm


Hulk Mark Alan Ruffalo


In the film, when Hulk is angry, he will become a huge Hulk and is very vigorous and valiant. However, the Hulk actor Mark Alan Ruffalo is a loyal cat slave. He really love cats. A soft and warm heart hiding in the intrepid body is same as the cat lovers all over the world.


Mark Alan Ruffalo and cats


pawzroad Santa costume set


I believe the one who loves animals and life is more likely to stand out for healing the world. The creation god of the Marvel universe, Stan Lee, has gone. The first generation of the reunion will be closed, and an era will end...


Spider man


We can only wave goodbye, but we will never forget the love, miracles, justice and beliefs that Stan Lee and his super-hero world bring to people. This is how many people's youth, but also how many people's initial heart. Thank you, great master, thank you for building a dream for everyone.


Stan Lee Smile


Which Marvel super hero is your favorite? Share with us in the comment!

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