Thanks To Nice IKEA For Good Deed Of Stray Dogs Protection


The weather is going to be colder, and it is doomed to be a hard season for homeless animals. However, I'd like to share with you a great news that a group of stray dogs are being saved in Catania, Italy. The nice IKEA store opens their doors to protect stray dogs from the cold. They really provide timely help!




Few days ago, an Italian friend, Martine Taccia came to a local IKEA store, and accidentally discovered several dogs audaciously nestled in the display area of a decorated living room .

Taccia asked the clerk and learned that these were stray dogs. Because the weather was too cold, the clerk let them enter the room for warming. Thus they not only have a warm and cozy place to lie down, but also receive food from employees and customers every day.

The clerk said that they were very happy to see the dogs lying on the soft felt in the cold weather.


stray dogs


The IKEA did not publicly advertise their policy of admitting stray dogs in, but left a lot of good impressions for customers like Taccia.

Many customers are not disgusted these stray dogs in the store, and even say that they’d like to come here more often later. Some people will bring snacks to dogs. And some dogs are even adopted by customers after visiting store.


cold stray dogs


In fact, this is not the first time of IKEA to advocate adopting stray animals. In the past, the IKEA companies in the United States and Singapore had collaborated with charity organization Home For Hope to place real dog-sized cardboard in the store showroom to encourage adoption.

However, how can cardboard win victory, compared with the alive dog in front of us?


dog-sized cardboar


pawzroad Christmas dog costume


In the future, I hope that there will be more and more stores like IKEA willing to open the doors (Heart and mind) to become “animal shelters”. Please share it to make the concept of friendly treating animals more popular.


Lovely dog


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This is so adorable! I can’t believe they let them in but glad they did. Makes IKEA more interesting- I would definitely shop more there!!

Malcolm March 24, 2020

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