How to Take a Bath Properly for Your Puppy | PAWZ Road


How to Take a Bath Properly for Your Puppy

How to Take a Bath Properly for Your Puppy | PAWZ Road


The healthy fur of the dogs is a very important performance of their body health. Bright and supple hair indicates that the dog is very healthy, so pet parents protecting our pup’s hair by taking a shower properly and duly is very essential. For some new pet parents, I would like to inform you how to prepare a suitable bath for our pups?


take a bath for dog


Prepare Tools Before Bathing

  1. A Bathtub ( suitable for the pup’s size )
  2. Pet shampoo
  3. A towel or blanket
  4. Q-tip( wipe the dog's ear avoiding infection )
  5. Hair dryer( dry the pup fur reducing the skin problem )
  6. Hairbrush or grooming ( prevent the hair knots )




14 Steps to Take a Bath for Your Dog

STEP 1: Puppy enters the bathtub, being familiar with the environment, which is helpful for calming them down.

STEP 2: Wetting the pup’s hair by warm water

STEP 3: Cleaning the body at first, so do not put the pet shampoo on the pup’s head avoiding the noxious stimulus for pup’s eyes.

STEP 4: Wiping the pet shampoo from the neck to tail, and rubbing softly.

STEP 5: Wiping the shampoo on pup’s legs, and rubbing softly.

STEP 6: Paws are the key cleaning parts, please carefully clean up.

STEP 7: Cleaning the ears, rubbing the ears insides carefully and gently, until it’s clean and white, Kind note do not let the water enter the second channel of the ears.

STEP 8: Then puppy eyes are also important parts, particularly cleaning the corner of the eyes up softly.

STEP 9: Rubbing the pup’s beard with following the direction of growth.

STEP 10: After rubbing the whole body, begin to wash from the weakest parts of the eyes.

STEP 11: Washing the head and ears, at the same time, protect the eyes from water hurt.

STEP 12: Let the puppy sit in the bathtub calmly, then washing the body softly.

step 13: Pay attention to washing the pup’s armpits for avoiding the residual of shampoo.  

STEP 14: Finally, washing the pup’s legs and paws.

Please be sure to rinse well!


14 steps to help you bath a dog properly


Drying or Brushing after Bathing

First of all, draining part of the water with a towel. Secondly, drying the pup’s hair by a hairdryer. At the last, brushing or grooming the pup’s hair.


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