A Secret Of Dog Looking at You When Pooping | PAWZ Road


A Secret Of Dog Looking at You When Pooping

A Secret Of Dog Looking at You When Pooping | PAWZ Road


Dogs are human’s best friends. They are full of excellent characters of friendly, loyalty, Intelligent. These merits can be verified by many story with doggy saving master. In recent year, there are also a lot of movies concerning a loyalty doggy and their masters, such as, ” Hachi: A Dog's Tale ” and “ A dog's purpose“, we can see a sincere friendship between doggy and human.


Hachi A Dog's Tale

Hachi: A Dog's Tale


A Dog's Purpose

A dog's purpose


Apart from their friendly and loyalty quality, there are other numerous puzzling behaviors making us curious. Recently, some of pet owners came up with a question, " why my pups always look at me when pooping?

In summary, there are two point of views:

1. Asking the owners for praise. That seems to say “Look at me, I’m pooping in a right place, I want your reward. ”How pure lovely it is?


dog and human


2. Asking the owners for protecting. It’s different from the above idea. Pups is lack of defense capability when they poop. And there is no doubt that master is the one they trust most. So they would like to seek for protection and sense of security from the owners through looking at them.


happy dog owner


Whatever the answers are? We have possessed the trust, friendship and loyalty with our puppies. Let’s give a big hug for our pups! All of puppies need our protection and trust too!

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Dog Diapers Training Pads


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 human hug dog


What other unsolved mysteries are there in your pet? You are welcome to put on the comment!

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