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9 Methods To Get Perfect Cat Scratching Tree

9 Methods To Get Perfect Cat Scratching Tree | PAWZ Road


Why Need Cat Tree

Cats inherently like to climb, scratch or jump around, so it will inevitably cause some damage to the furniture at home, but cats will get bored without playing space. In 1916, the famous American zoologist Mike T. Donner invented the pet toy of cat climbing frame in order to treat cat depression.

If you find the idea of buying cat furniture funny, chances are you don’t have a cat. That’s because most people who share their home with a cat discover early on that giving the kitty his own space is an essential component of peaceful co-existence.

A cat tree gives your feline friend a place to play, perch, nap, scratch and climb! Doing those things makes the cat happy, which makes us happy too, and not just because we like enriching their life. A cat tree can go a long way toward ensuring that our own furniture is not shredded or covered in cat hair.

(Note: the terms cat scratching tree, cat condo and cat tower all mean the same thing. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll just call them cat trees).




How to Get Perfect Cat Tree

9 Methods to consider when deciding which cat tree is the perfect one for your kitty.


1. Members

For a cat in family, choosing a platform or a cat nest tree is enough. If you feel monotonous, you can tie the cat's favorite toy on the climbing frame so that your cat will not feel bored. A family with many cats can choose a bigger cat tree and let each cat have a palace to stay in order to avoid family disputes.


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2. Personality

The best cat tree for your kitty will depend on their age, size, climbing ability and activity level. A tall and/or large multi-level cat tree is ideal for a spry cat that loves to climb. Senior kitties who sleep a lot will appreciate a cat tree with easily accessible beds or cozy napping spots. For cats who feel more secure sleeping in an enclosed space, a cat tree with one or more cubbies is ideal. Some models have built-in hanging toys, which are great for playful kitties.

If you have more than one cat, it’s best to either have two cat trees or an extra large one that has multiple scratching posts and allows each cat to have their own sleeping spot.


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3. Home Space

Cats tree is not the bigger the better. When you place the cat tree, you need to leave the space for the cats and ensure that there are no fragile items around, so as to avoid the cats from hitting some places that shouldn't be hit, and cause unnecessary injuries. Or break home decorations.


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4. Design

Cat trees come in many different sizes and configurations, and serve multiple functions. A cat tree offers a comfy spot for lounging, and when placed in front of a window it’s a perfect perch for watching Bird TV. The top spot on a cat tree provides the high elevation that many cats love.

Cat trees are usually carpeted and have one or more scratching posts. Most offer multiple perches or places to sleep, such as cradles, hammocks or cat beds. Some have enclosed cubbies for your cat to hide in.


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5. Scratching Surfaces

Cats have different preferences for scratching. Some love to scratch on carpeted posts, while others prefer wood or sisal rope. If you don’t know which your cat prefers, choose a design that offers several options.


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6. Sturdiness

The cat tree needs to be sturdy enough so it doesn’t tip over when your kitty jumps or climbs on it. If it does fall over, your cat can get spooked and might not want to use it anymore. Study the design of the cat tree to determine if it was made for sturdiness or mainly for looks. You should be able to find a cat tree that offers both sturdiness and aesthetic appeal.


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7. Assembly

You can buy pre-assembled cat trees at a pet store, but the selection is typically limited. A better option is to buy it online, which will require a bit of assembly. They aren’t that hard to put together. If I can do it, anyone can. Of course, the more elaborate the cat tree is, the more time it will take to assemble.

If you are handy with a hammer, it’s actually pretty easy to build a cat tree that looks good and is just as durable as one from a pet store, at a fraction of the cost. The internet is a great place to find DIY plans for constructing cat furniture.


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8. Innovative Cat Furniture

Stackable-type cat trees are a nice option because you can start with one or two sections, and add more later to make it taller or wider. A stackable cat tree is also easier to move around, and offers more creative design options than one big cat tree.

No matter which style of cat tree you decide to get, it’s sure to provide your kitty with hours of napping, playing and scratching fun!


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9. Other Conditions

Perches, platforms and ladders must be able to hold the weight of your cat. The holes of tunnels or cubbies should be large enough for your cat to fit through.

If you foresee moving, two cat trees or a modular style may be a better option than a behemoth floor-to-ceiling cat tree.

Note the materials used to make the cat tree. Solid oak will be sturdier and more attractive than particle board. A cat tree that is covered mainly with carpeting rather than faux fur will last longer.

Consider how the cat tree is held together. Screws are more secure than nails, and you can tighten them if they loosen after the cat tree has been through some use.


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How to Maintain Cat Tree Well

Cat tree is a consumable item, the general service life is 2 to 3 years, but if properly maintained, it can greatly extend its service life. The fastest damaged part of the cat tree is the post. It is difficult for cats to restrain their instincts of climbing trees and often hangs on the columns, causing the twine that is wrapped around the column to break or become loose.

It is recommended to use a cat tree made by a regular manufacturer so that once the twine is found to be damaged, a replaceable new hemp rope can be purchased from the manufacturer. The same is true for other parts. Replacement parts can extend the life of the cat tree by more than three times.


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If the cat tree is stained with cat hair, it can be glued with a sticky hair roller or a wide tape. It is best to constantly comb your cat and remove your cat's hair from the cat tree in time. This will reduce the cleansing times and extend its serve life. 

If the platform or cat nest is contaminated, such as when the cat's urine or vomit is contaminated and has to be cleaned, wipe it off first with a damp cloth, then use a soft brush to gently scrub with a small amount of detergent, and then wipe off the foam with a damp cloth. Finally, wipe with a dry cloth, spray with pet disinfectant, dried in the sun. A well-maintained cat tree can accompany your cat's growth and truly become a cat favorite paradise.


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We love cats, so we have cats, therefore we are responsible for them. The average life span of cats is only a short period of more than ten years. As their owners, we should make them happier and healthier.


If you have the idea of buying a cat tree, what do you value most? Share your opinions for us or in the comment! If you like the article, welcome to share to more people!



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