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A Warm Heart Scene at Florida Airport

A Warm Heart Scene at Florida Airport | PAWZ Road


A warm news happened at the Tampa International Airport in Florida last Friday.

At that time, a Labrador named Elli was waiting for a flight to Philadelphia. Just before boarding the plane, the signs of childbirth suddenly occurs on Elli!




Elli is actually a working dog who only lives in the fire brigade, 2 years old now. He was about to fly to the Philadelphia fire brigade to prepare for production. But what everyone did not expect was that the pups started to come out ahead of time!



The staff of the fire brigade saw it and immediately prepare to delivery, besides some experienced passengers on the scene also came to help. In this way, 8 puppies were born successfully at the airport, 7 males and 1 female!


Golden Retriever Mother


The picture of the baby dogs lying on her mother is very warm-hearted. The Tampa Fire Department in Florida shared Elli's childbirth video online and thanked everyone for their help. Fortunately, the dog and the babies are safe and healthy!


large pet blanket


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