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Corgi Goes to School Daily with Texas English Teacher

Corgi Goes to School Daily with Texas English Teacher | PAWZ Road


These lucky students get to enjoy a Corgi in the classroom.


For any student with a dog in elementary, middle or high school, the worst part of the day is leaving the dog at home to go to school. But what if you knew there was another dog waiting for you in your English or math class? And then, what if that dog was a Corgi — those sweet, stubby-legged, pudgy-torso’d dogs that are fluffy and bright-eyed? According to The Daily Dot, it’s possible in a Texas school.


Going to school wouldn’t be so difficult, then. And high school students in Austin, Texas get that treat — a Corgi classmate — every time they step into Kenneth Snyder’s AP English class. The teacher brings Corgi Banjo to class every day. And his students love hanging out with her just as much as him.


Snyder told The Daily Dot:

“As teachers, we work really long hours and it’s a tough job. So for me, it’s nice to have a mental break or a mindfulness—to look at something that loves you and looks relatively happy and calm all the time. I’d have to imagine that extends to the kids.”


When Snyder’s girlfriend’s sister posted a photo online with him holding Banjo, Twitter went crazy.




Although some worried about the dog being a distraction, and about certain kids having allergies, Snyder says they are careful and there are no students in his class who are allergic to dogs.

“We set norms around the dogs. They’re not supposed to be a distraction. It’s like anything you do—like getting up to go the bathroom or sharpening a pencil. There’s an appropriate time to do it in a way that’s not distracting or rude and [the students] are pretty good about that.”


Having a dog in the classroom is a great thing, and can be a huge comfort. And Banjo gets something out of it as well.


“She knows certain kids that she sits next to who will pet her more than others,” Snyder said.


After all, animals in the classroom are all the rage. Even cats like Bubba are getting in on the fun of having dozens of kids giving them attention.


How do you feel about dogs in the classroom? Share your thoughts below. 


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