Is Dog-accompanied Exercise the Next Fitness Boom? | PAWZ Road



Is Dog-accompanied Exercise the Next Fitness Boom?

Is Dog-accompanied Exercise the Next Fitness Boom? | PAWZ Road


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Look at these cute chubby little guys, I bet you must have laughed. But have you ever thought about the health crisis hebind the fat body brought to them? You know by now that America faces a big problem with obesity. It turns out we have fat pet, too. MSNBC says.


Veterinarian Kimberly Rudloff notes that when she sees fat dogs, they tend to have fat owners. Thanks to our bad influence, 40-50 percent of cats and dogs are fat — and that number could soon catch up to humans.


"Just a few extra pounds can be very significant on a small dog: A dog who should weigh 17 pounds but is five pounds overweight is equivalent to a human who should weigh 170 pounds who is 50 pounds overweight", explains Rudloff. 




Like people, obesity dogs are at risk for health problems, from arthritis to heart disease. Please take it seriously! A study from the University of Missouri illustrated that dogs are better exercise companions than humans. It’s also an incredible way to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Why not to do exercise with your dogs together? Here is a few methods to do dog-accompanied exercise!


1. Follow a Weight-Loss Plan

  • Feed your dog a special diet for losing weight.
  • Measure out your dog's food for each feeding. 
  • Keep a daily record of how much you're feeding your dog (including treats).
  • Reduce or eliminate unhealthy treats.

Vet's Tips: Slow down your dog’s eating speed is an effective way to loss weight through reducing the amount of food-intaking.

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2. Run With Your Dog 



Dogs are our great exciter since they typically like to “get up and get going”. How about to get up a bit earlier and do a morning running with your dog? Not only exercise you and your dog's body, but you’ll get more energy to deal with your draining work things on this day.

A must-have belt connected you and your dog is essential when you are going to run together, through attaching your dog’s leash to a specialized belt on your waist, so you can run with your hands free or do other stuff like holding your phone or doing a friendly wave to people, ect.

Vet’s Tips: If you plan to take your dog for a run, do not over due it but always do small amounts of exercise with a puppy; they have growth plates that can easily be damaged resulting in issues when they are older.


Youtube: SquishyFace Studio




3. Swimming with your dog



In hot summer, swimming is a perfect exercise sport for you and your dog. You can just try it in a spare weekend. Why to say that swimming is the best way to lose weight for many obese dogs? Because swimming can relieve the limbs from heavy body pressure with the buoyancy of water. Let your pet exersice to lose weight, meanwhile protecting your pet’s joints of the limbs. 

Vet’s Tips: While you might think your dog will be a natural in the water, the truth is that swimming is not fun—or even comfortable—for a lot of dogs.

  • Do not suppose your dog can swim. While most dogs can learn to swim, some may have a harder time swimming due to the way they are built.
  • Do not forget the life jacket. While life jackets are always the good idea, there are certain times and places when they are an absolute must.
  • Do not leave your dog out of sight. Your dog should never be allowed to swim without supervision, especially in bodies of water that have currents, like rivers and oceans.
  • Do not go swimming in unknown. Unfamiliar waters means unknown dangers – some of which could be deadly. For example, a common danger in riverbanks is snakes.
  • Do not neglect cold weather. Remember that your dogs cannot tell you when they are hot or cold, so you have to follow their cues.
  • Do not make your dog get too tired. A huge risk for dogs is when the dog becomes tired far out from shore in a waterway and can not turn back.

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4. Play “active fetch”



Give agility training a go. It’s better to find a four-leg friends for your dog as an exercise partner. For example, our members Xiami and Cici compete in agility, which gives them both a good workout by testing coordination. Even if just for 10 minutes, going outside and throwing a ball or fling disk and then running toward it yourself to race your dog to the toy. Alternately, you can throw the toy and then run the other direction, which will get your dog to chase you. These can be combined with a dog tunnel play for 20 minutes a day.

Vet’s Tips: Please remember that start with the exercise depending on what your dog can tolerate. Attempt to get a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise a day with your dog is great!

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5. Combine tricks with fitness




You can do walking lunges down the hallway while your dog weaves through your legs (note: this is probably better with small dogs and not larger dogs like 90-lb), or try a standing lunge: stand with your legs spread apart, then bend a knee to lunge to the side while your dog does a figure-8 though your legs. Nobody likes doing lunges, but if you’re lunging while your dog is weaving through your legs, it will take your mind off the pain.

Vet’s Tips: When your dog starts to go through your legs, reward them to encourage them to learn the game.


6. Plus Tips

  • Be smart and take you dogto the vet before engaging in any exercise program.
  • Start with any type of exercise depending on what your dog can tolerate.
  • Carry a water bottle to keep yourselfand your dog hydrated. 
  • If you are an avid fitness person, remember when you add your dog initially you will be slowing down a bit as you both learn to navigate together.
  • Finally, keep monitoring and adjusting the weight-loss plan in mind!

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Do you have other fatansitc exercises for weight-loss with lovely pets? Share with us in the comment.

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